Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch Easter Eggs in Marvel's Avengers

Several easter eggs have been found in the War For Wakanda expansion in Marvel's Avengers. They refer to several magical heroes you may recognize.

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Germaximus62d ago

oh man I would love to play as them in that game

Darkborn62d ago

I still think they need to drop spiderman with another hero for sure or they will get roasted by the fans on pc and Xbox. Like make a double hero expansion, and captain marvel Easter eggs are all throughout the game too.

Hatchetforce62d ago

Why is this game showing up in my Collection on my PS5? I do not own it, not wishlisted, not following it. And unless the Winter Soldier is playable then I am certainly not interested.

jukins62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I hope this game last long enough to have those two in. They would have to be more unique than the rest because seeing doctor strange and wanda melee would just be weird lol. Be cool if they introduced them with as healers/buffers as well as pure long range damage and have content where you HAVE to use one of them.