Nintendo trademark puts Wii on its head

It seems that Nintendo of Japan (which, it has to be said, has been more than a little frenzied on the trademark front of late) has registered a bunch of new names, all related to its forthcoming Wii console.

While 'WiiPointer' and 'WiiCulture' would seem relatively straightforward (presumably referring to the controller and some mysterious new offshoot of non-games respectively), the one that's got slathering internet mouths a-flapping is '!!M'. Eagle-eyed readers will spot that what we have here is basically the name 'Wii' flipped upside down.

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Fuzz McDeath6192d ago

My undertsanding is that a good percentage of trademarks are preventative. That is to say, the company that secures the trademark has no intention of using it, but they want to prevent others from doing so as well. Likely, they are trying to minimize black-market knock offs or prevent mockery.

Or, perhaps I'm completely wrong.

Marriot VP6191d ago

hey their Wii has a head...hmmm