Alice: Asylum's Development Picks Up Pace With Debut Narrative Outline

So far, Alice: Asylum is a “community-driven” effort, including funding; McGee keeps the fans in the know about the progress. They can chime in with creative input via Patreon; the general public is updated via the Fandom page and YouTube. Recently, McGee announced that the narrative outline has been complete and is available for Patrons to access.

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TricksterArrow772d ago

Can be cool. First one was groundbreaking for the time, but still saw somewhat limited appeal. Second one had some great story twists and design choices with a much broader appeal, but it was a bit more mediocre as a game. Maybe the third one can find the right balance between the two.

mynameisthumper772d ago

I can't believe I hadn't heard of this! I LOVE the Alice series and can't wait for more :)

SDuck772d ago

I had lost hope on a sequel. Sad to see the video has no in-game footage. Might mean we're in for a wait


According to American McGee, EA Declines to Greenlight “Alice: Asylum”

Alice: Asylum, the anticipated third game in the Alice series, has been passed on by EA according to American McGee.

XiNatsuDragnel179d ago

Wow EA you guys should do it frfr

robtion177d ago

For anyone interested in seeing what the third Alice game (Asylum) could have looked like here is a link to the design bible that outlines the art, game-play, and story for the game in great detail. Such a shame.


shinoff2183179d ago

Excuse me for being blunt but fk you ea.

Relientk77178d ago

I played Alice: Madness Returns for the first time last year and it blew away all my expectations. It's amazing, fun, weird, wonderous, and so much more. A very creative and unique game. It's devastating to hear we aren't getting another Alice game. If EA doesn't want to do another Alice game than sell the license to American McGee.

robtion178d ago

He tried that approach. They won't sell the license. They say Alice is an important part of their game catalogue. They refuse to actually make another game in the series but won't let anyone else do it. Ridiculous.

IamTylerDurden1178d ago

Shame. Both American Mcgee's Alice and Madness Returns were tremendous games with incredible art direction.

sadraiden178d ago

Does American McGee not have enough clout in the industry yet to start his own publishing house? Dude has been around since the early 90s, he worked on Doom II and Quake, AM Alice was a revelation when it came out, and he's had a few other modest hits as well. Does he really need EA?

ZwVw178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Obviously not. His studio Spicey Horse was shut down and nowadays, he's been spending most of his time being an unapologetic CCP shill. How ironic for a guy whose first name is American.

shinoff2183178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Ea owns it

Also zw sure thing 👍 smh

IamTylerDurden1178d ago

He does not. That's all old news. Man was creative and deserves to run a studio. Alice was sublime.