Haven is getting physical editions from Limited Run Games

The Game Bakers’ adventure game Haven is finally getting physical editions courtesy of Limited Run Games.

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LWOGaming149d ago

Limited Run really have become the kings of physical Switch games.

Dark_Overlord149d ago

Not IMO, not even close. They may put out the most games, but damn if they don't get massively lazy at times.

LWOGaming149d ago

I think there can be a danger of that at times but they have been able to put more physical games in people’s hands. I would prefer that as opposed to the horrible code in box nonsense.

Dark_Overlord149d ago

It's not the games that are the problem (though the quantity they put out in such a short time is absurd),

LRG have tons of issues, lies, laziness, intentionally witholding information etc etc

the list is endless, at least when the other limited game publishers have issues, they apologise, LRG refuse even when it is blatantly their fault, they blame everyone else but themselves.

Adding to that, the print quality of their games and the general pricing of them is substandard compared tio every other limited games publisher.

Petebloodyonion149d ago

They sure bring value to games collector who wants to keep a physical version.
Almost bought the complete Ori package on Switch despite owning both games on Xbox

Yui_Suzumiya149d ago

Pre-ordering this for Switch next month

SyntheticForm148d ago

Can anyone tell me if they enjoyed this game? What did you like/dislike? I've been thinking about getting it but just haven't been convinced to part with $24 over it.