PS3 Home will not replace XMB or compete with Xbox Live

Many gamers are anticipating the launch of the PS3 Home very soon. There is even a rumor going around that it will launch December 17th. The PS3 Home has been hailed as the ultimate Xbox Live killer and XMB replacement. However, many will be disappointed as Home neither competes directly with the NXE nor replaces the XMB.

The XMB (cross media bar) is the basic interface on the PS3, PSP and several other Sony devices. The XMB is quite sufficient; even the New Xbox Experience copies the layout of it, because it is probably the most efficient way of organizing multiple media functions such as music, videos and games.

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Hellsvacancy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I dont tend to use it that much (yet) and when ever i do i end up playin chess with sume dude who doesnt know how to play, i enjoy chess but none of my mates play it (we r a bunch of stoners) so i never get to play it

Would i say Home is worth it (although i only play chess) - i would say yes, its another free app for the Ps3

Like Tony the tiger would say "Its grrrrEAT" - coz its free

faisdotal3598d ago

And they know this how? Only SCEE know the actual upcoming features for Home. And an optional Home boot-up will be a Godsend seeing as I like socializing in it, so I don't have to go through the hassle of opening it up every time.

Does Xbox Live have a Universal Multi-player party feature? No.

Did I ever think SCEE can come up with kind of tech? Hell No.

Will Sony realize the launching hassle once the fans start flaming like it's the new in-game XMB? Yes.

Will PS3 Home replace XMB and compete with Xbox Live? Hell Yes!

GrieverSoul3598d ago

HOME isn´t forcing you to use it!
Right?! o.O

U can either use or not! Stick with the XMB or use HOME to navigate your PS3 and impress the guys over at your house. XD

Best of all, its a free service! Well, at least the basics will be free.

faisdotal3598d ago

The only time I would use the XMB is to change settings and stuff.

Outside of that, all can be done in my mansion. xD!

himdeel3598d ago

...with respect to game implementation but I feel that after my experience in beta that I was wrong. I can definitely see this application being very useful for planning games and finding like minded gamers.

The only issue I currently have with HOME is that once I log in I get sidetracked more often than I'd like to admit with misc activities or chatting with random people. If only HOME could run in the background while playing games...and you could open it or the XMB with the PS button.

DA_SHREDDER3598d ago

Actually, it does. Not trying to start anything, but I had to correct you. Also, none of you have to stick up for Sony when it comes to Home. Its your ps3, your application, use it how and when you want. Its not like they are charging for it. I too am in the beta, and though I dont use it, I really can't bash it because for one, its kinda cool, and two, I dont have to use it anyways. Its optional. The cross media bar does everything I need it to do, and Home doesn't effect that in any way. Though I do have some ideas how to implement both together to make it the ultimate OS of a console, but Im not on sony's payroll so im not gonna waste my time. Neither should any of you.

gw4k3598d ago

How can you even compare Home and Live? They are DRASTICALLY different! Not even in the same ball park.

Live is a menu system. A browser. Home is a 3d world! MS needs to play catch up now in that light but Sony needs to catch up on making things easier to do.

Messaging (voice and text), friend invites, and everything needs to follow a bit smoother. Live rocks the fact that it is simple and all the features are there. So far, the new features from Sony seem tacked on bit.

Perjoss3598d ago

I hope its not mandatory, I tried the beta and although a found it impressive there is just no reason for me to log in there, if I'm going to meet up with friends I will either do in a game or in real life. I really hope they don't push people to use it, like placing exclusive gameplay movies only inside Home etc.

BrianC62343598d ago

I have to disagree with the guy for saying Home isn't a good way to view movies. It seems perfect to me for Sony to show game trailers. You can walk around in the plaza and see game trailers running on a big screen. Or go in a theater and see a trailer. The current system doesn't work as well. You can view videos in the Platstation Store while they download but on my PS3 at least it plays a few seconds and pauses. Give me Home over that.

I don't think it will replace the XMB for people who just want to boot up a game and play alone but in the future it will give you an easier way to meet with other people to play online.

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ShinnokDrako3598d ago

Finally an intelligent article. Cause till now it was "Home competes with xxxx", "what's better between home and xxxx" and somewhere they talk about Home like if it's a game.
Good they underline you can use it or NOT (if you don't want). And it's free, so... always welcome ;)

Graphics Whore3598d ago

Yeah I knew NXE was going to be more oriented towards being friendly, I'm not saying it copied XMB but Microsoft realized it had to be more friendly. Anyway, Home will be competition for Xbox Live obviously whether they acknowledge or not. It's a free service, you can't really complain about free.

divideby03598d ago

Clueless whoever thought Home was gonna replace XMB.
I have been a day one Home beta tester and honestly, its pretty, and nice, but I have no need for it.
I just use XMB and some of the stellar community in-game features some of the games have.
I have also been a day one Live Gold member and the new interface sucks.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It's NOTHING like the BRILLIANT idea that is HOME!!!;)

+ My New ;-P SONY HD:TV has the XMB on it;)

Keele3598d ago

The ''BRILLIANT IDEA'' that they jacked after watching a Second Life screenshot.

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