Rocket League is being upgraded to Unreal Engine 5

Rocket League is still going strong more than half a decade after its initial release. With Psyonix now under the Epic Games umbrella, the rocket-powered, battle car multiplayer experience is set for a technical upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.

Revealed in a job description on Psyonix’s website (which has now been edited), the developer mentions that the marketing copywriter it is looking for will help on future projects for the team. These include the mobile version of the game, Rocket: League Sideswipe, and “Rocket League’s move to UE5” (Unreal Engine 5).

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EvertonFC62d ago

Looking fwd to this update, been playing rocket league since ps plus launch.

LWOGaming62d ago

Such a good game! It will be nice to have a bit of a refresh.

fr0sty62d ago

It's still my most played game in my library.

LWOGaming62d ago

Really looking forward to this and I will have the team at Last Word on Gaming looking over this. It is a great game and more than ready for a bit of a refresh visually.

Ninver62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The game is extremely relevant. A next gen update will breath more life into it for sure.

SDuck62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

What would this mean for potato PCs? Mine should handle it, just curious if they'll keep minimum settings as low as what we have now (which is what Switch uses)


😮 oh shit damn, I never game this game a thought always see it all over, now I will most def get it (on PC) and it's still free which is awesome.

fr0sty62d ago

I never have to wait to get into a game. It is still going very strong.

SDuck62d ago

Very addicting and very rage inducing. Welcome to Hell

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