Activision confirms all its core studios are now working on Call of Duty

Activision has confirmed that all of its core studios are now working on the Call of Duty franchise.

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fr0sty773d ago

And it shows how desperately dependent on COD Activision is... all their eggs are in one basket, which is not a good position for a game developer to be in. Eventually people will tire of yet another COD game, as other FPS games improve upon and beyond it.

Sonic-and-Crash773d ago (Edited 773d ago )

also Sony must understand how deperately attached is Activision to PlayStation s huge fanbase and start exploiting their position by bying back Crash Bandicoot

Without the lead and fanbase of Playstation , COD would have shrunk to fail levels

Sony must take advantage of this and dont let Activision with cheap deals escape bankruptcy and earnig profits ...or have in its portofolio IPs that are not theirs
(namely Spyro ,Crash)

PhillyDillyDee773d ago

It hasnt happened yet… unfortunately cod is just one of those games where there is a huge market of people who ONLY play cod.

Sonic-and-Crash773d ago (Edited 773d ago )

@Philly cut out Playstation installbase from this and you ill see what happens to COD

Sony even helps them publish their games to Japan

Sony should ask for more profits or even buy their stalled IPs

roadkillers773d ago

That's not true that all eggs are in one basket. Call of Duty sells roughly 15-20 million per installment. That doesn't include any DLC or Microtransactions, they are milking the hell out of it.

They do have Tony Hawk (recent installment sold well), Crash (sold well), Spyro (sold well), all Blizzard titles (always sell well), Seikero (sold well), Destiny (still going strong), and Skylanders (i dunno).

They used to have better selling IPs, but they drove them into the ground including the extremely popular Guitar Hero, past Tony Hawks, Spiderman (before Sony took it back), and a bunch of successful movie tie ins.

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camel_toad773d ago

Yeh that immediately made me think of Assassin's Creed being made by about 15 different studios. Something gets lost in it.

-Foxtrot773d ago


Way to kill your studios

So long Singularity 2…you were always a dream

RaidenBlack773d ago

Nice to see a Singularity/Raven fan here.

victorMaje773d ago

Aaaa Raven, ever play SoF? :)

RaidenBlack773d ago

"ever play SoF?"
Have always aimed at the limbs ... ;-)

Yui_Suzumiya773d ago

Been one since Heretic and I know Raven has wanted to do Singularity 2 since the first released but that's when Activision relagated them to COD jail, lol

FreeckyCake773d ago

Activision will never revive Singularity simply because it didn't hit their expectations. Same for Prototype.

ABizzel1773d ago

Singularity, Fear, The Darkness, Syndicate, Vanquish, Spec Ops: The Line, Stranglehold, Psi-Ops, Vanquish, and the Suffering all great lost, but not forgotten shooters.

If a subscription service like GamePass or PS-Pass could fund games like this, and we knew they would be funded, I think more people would support them. I don't need to see AAA games in the service, I'd just want lower-cost sequels, even enhanced remasters, of A / AA games.

RaidenBlack773d ago

Monolith really needs to make a new FEAR.
Either a Sequel or at least a Reboot. But definitely not a Remake of the FEAR 1. Don't mess with the good stuff.

ABizzel1773d ago

Vanquish was so good I had to list it twice lol

italiangamer773d ago

This is the real life version of the saying "putting all your eggs in one basket".

CobraKai773d ago

Eh. I stopped expecting anything worthwhile from Activision a long time ago.