Pocket Gamer: Hero of Sparta iPhone Review

If blood, guts, and glory are the way to a gamer's heart, then consider Cupid's arrow to be lodged in our chest. Hero of Sparta arrives with unparalleled action and slick visuals that ensure its status in the pantheon.

Awaking on a beach skirting Oracle Island, the warrior Argos endeavours to return home through Hero of Sparta's eight mission journey. Aside from knowing where home is and his identity, Argos is at a loss for how he ended up on the island and why. No matter - he's eager to pick up arms and fight, delivering the finest bloody action on iPhone this year.

Trekking across the landscape of ancient Greece involves a touch-sensitive analogue stick situated in the lower left corner. On the whole it works well, yet it does lack the comfort and precision of actual hardware.

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