Pocket Gamer: Low Grav Racer iPhone Review

WipEout WipEout WipEout WipEout. WipEout. It's the elephant in the room, so Pocket Gamer might as well mention it now, feed it a few peanuts, and then go about our business.

Yes, Low Grav Racer is heavily inspired by Sony's futuristic racing franchise. You race hovering vehicles on a succession of interplanetary tracks, using air brakes to avoid hitting the sides, while picking up missiles, shields, mines, and speed boosts.

It means Cobra Mobile's title will feel instantly familiar to millions of gamers, but it also means it'll be compared to the WipEout games - tough to live up to, even with the advantages brought by accelerometer controls. Thankfully, Low Grav Racer is excellent enough to shoulder those comparisons.

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