Sony: Home '08 launch "still on track in UK"

Sony has assured CVG that Home is "still on track" for release this year in the UK, following statements from SCEA that it's release over the pond is "imminent".

Speaking in response to recent rumours, SCEA's Home director Jack Buser said: "We've been saying it will launch by the end of calendar year 2008. And that's getting very, very close."

Given Sony's evasiveness, you'd be forgiven for thinking Home is destined for yet more delays, but Buser went on to insist to Joystiq that the December launch is "imminent".

And Sony UK has told us that the same applies here. "Home is still on track to release before the end of the year in the UK as well," it confirmed.

We're still baffled about why Sony remains mysteriously illusive when talking about Home's release. It's all a bit strange.

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Capt CHAOS3598d ago

Or, they'll make a restricted release, making the sign-up process slow enough to slow down the uptake, I would.. There will be a big heavy hit on the servers otherwise..

coolfool3598d ago

but it is something that they should account for. The hopefully will have planned their server model to not only hold average-high traffic but peak traffics as well.

I assume in the future there will be events on home that will draw lots of people and by this point a lot of people will have signed up to home so there will be nothing to stop millions logging on at once. They should have planned for scenarios like this as well.

However, I'm sure there will be unexpected glitches that will bring a server to it's knees.

meepmoopmeep3598d ago

i wonder, if they could get the US one up and going why not the EU or JPN one?

Sickr3598d ago

Hurray, now I no longer feel singled out. Whether or not it'll be a killer app remains to be seen.