Worms news: weapons, Live and releases

The wait for Worms seems to be ever-lasting. We expected it during CES, but then it was set back. Now in February, we still are yet to see the game. Now though, it seems as if it isn't that far away, after Martyn Brown (studio director of Team 17) was interviewed by Gamertag Radio and said the game is nearly with us. He also answers alot of questions people have been dying to know for some time now.

Starting with the release date, he says that the whole certification took a lot longer than he and Microsoft had anticipated. He says the next few weeks, so it is likely that we will be seeing it before the end of February, all being well. He acknowledges the upset that has been caused, but re-iterates what so many other Arcade developers do, and says "it isn't as simple as 'it is done, get it out'". I really think it should be!

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