Atari Shuns PSP, Says Download Games Possible

Pspworld: When Atari issued a list of its upcoming game releases for spring 2009, many were surprised that it did not contain a single PSP title. Ever since Sony boss Phil Harrison left his old company for Atari, it has been speculated that the publisher would designate resources to creating games for Sony hardware. That does not seem to be the case, at least initially. Alone in the Dark did get a flashy port to the PS3 in the form of Inferno, but so far Atari has no plans to release any titles on the PSP handheld. Does Phil Harrison know something that we dont? (An unannounced PSP successor in the works, perhaps?) Or is he simply using savvy business sense to target the most profitable hardware systems with new releases. The PSP has experienced dismal software sales, after all, and 2008 looks to be the worst year yet.

This week, however, Harrison sought to quelch rumors about his new company's intentions. Atari PSP releases are on the way, he claims, but not on UMD. The publisher wil focus on downloadable titles available throught he wireless Playstation Store.

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clinker3600d ago

You can tell that Harrison is blowing smoke up everyone's ass. He says they are "looking into" downloadable PSP games, but I don't think the system is a big priority for them.

Harrison used to work for Sony, but not any more.