Single-Player Action Game “Exekiller” Announced With Trailer & Screens, and It Looks a Bit Familiar

Paradark Studio has announced "Exekiller" which is a single-player action game set in retro-future! It does look quite familiar from a game made by another Polish studio.

Timzster659d ago

Blade of the EXE Immortal Runner

Nitrowolf2659d ago

Has a very blade runner feel to it

I’ll keep an eye on it, could be good

MadLad659d ago

The voice acting and overall jank of the trailer, itself, has me worried; but the concept is awesome.

Will be following this one.

porkChop659d ago

How does that remind you of Cyberpunk? If anything this reminds me of Prey 2, but with a Blade Runner meets Western vibe.

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