God OF War 3 details"I was recently sent a pretty detailed run down of what to expect from God of War 3... This is an actual build of the game and not the trailer we're all set to see at the VGA's. I am told that it will only be a very short glimpse of what the game is going to offer and will probably be further edited down to about 20 seconds if that. He thinks it could be so edited that if you blink you might miss it... 10 seconds, even."
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TOO PAWNED3692d ago

If trailer is ass durring VGA, i dont know what i am going to do. 10 seconds sounds like a joke, 20 second i can live with that. Would be happy if it was at least 60 seconds.

- Ghost of Sparta -3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

It's sad that you people try to pass this idiot's blogs as news. Do you even know that this is Silogon's website? He pretends to be an insider and does this kind of sh*t to get your hopes up and for hits.

I have evidence that confirms Silogon and Gamesblow are the same person but I won't spam here as I'd rather not be banned and forced into the open zone.

fishd3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I am so excited for GOW III that no words can't describe it,srsly

If the game really looks even close to Beowulf,I'll go to santa monica and fan the entire santa monica team with palm leaf for a year straight

hay3692d ago

I can't wait to get a better glimpse at God of War 3 but please be aware that this is Silogon's site. Come on...

TOO PAWNED3692d ago

He posted full description of Uncharted 2m with description of video, over a month prior it was shown on GT and Ginformer. Gamesblow is guy that is giving him this info, and since i trust in gamesblow, i trust this stuff he writes.
Some people will never give him credit and thats the way it is.

fishd3692d ago

He was 100% right about Uncharted 2 back in October:

SRuN43692d ago

The Uncharted 2 news isnt anything to go on. It was unvieled on December 1st and he posted about it October 27, wow he got it by roughly a month. At that time Game Informer would of seen the game and just knowing people on the press side of things could of probably got you that news as it trickled down. Maybe if he had posted the news in September it would of been more legit. Plus it seems media sites have already seen more Uncharted 2 than we have, just listen to the newest IGN PS3 podcast. When they bring up Uncharted 2 they say they've seen more but can't say anything.

beavis4play3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

than something from VGTILT........and GK says this trailer (and the UC2 trailer) will be worth seeing.

lokiroo4203692d ago

I hope all the box boys have their diapers on when they watch it, they better tell mommy to stock up!

marinelife93692d ago

I was a late comer to the GOW franchise but the first two blew me away. I can't wait to play the 3rd one. If the graphics are what the rumors have been saying (Jaffe and others) that's just icing on the cake because the gameplay is second to none.

freeblue3692d ago

don't know if that blogger has any credibility, he seems to just grab "facts" out of thin air and keep saying "he says." Does the blogger actually has first hand experiences with GoW3 or just hearing someone else describing it. or worst, just making up a blog from the gathering some info from the net, and creating some of his own?

anh_duong3692d ago

"Kratos doesn't look like the only playable in the game. Apparently their might be someone along for the ride... His brother perhaps???"


prowiew3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Am I supposed to know who silogon is? or gameblow? who are they?
Anyway, this is the same news that the creator of the game (I forgot his name), said recently.

Gue13692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

and your point is? he was the first to let us know about the Uncharted 2 trailer existence... how do you have so many bubbles with such flawed logic?

first is first. no matter what. Don't try to hate the guy just because he's not from a recognized website like IGN or something.

joevfx3692d ago

Moron the game is like a year and a half away , do you really expect them to show that much gameplay wise? stop being so dumb.

prowiew3692d ago

@ wiimagic
im just askig who they are. Not trying to make a point. Really \i dont know who they are and almost all comments revolve around them.

airheadluffy3692d ago

ill take this with a grain of salt. i dont think this is a reliable site.

just look at this:

stevenhiggster3692d ago

Totally of topic, but I love your avatar, that is funny.

Back on topic though:

God of War 1,2 and COfO are 3 of my favorite games ever and I really can't wait for this one, I'm gettin a chubby for it already.

So Easy I Can Do It3692d ago

blog confirmed this rumor to be semi true!!!!

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TheHater3692d ago

Talk about blowout. I cannot wait until Sunday to see this baby in action. Kratos is going to kick major ass when it comes out, and I can't wait.

So Easy I Can Do It3692d ago

god of war 2?
lets hope not, i want the demo

Mozilla893692d ago

We wait for the trailer and see our selves? If it shows the cemetery level then you know for sure this website is for real, even if they don't show it we can just look at the awesomeness of GOW 3

MorganX3692d ago

I hope we actually see something. I'd rather not have it at all, thank have 10 seconds of bogus gameplay that you can't even make out.

No vaporware, just way it ain't even close to being a game yet. We'll see ...

Yoma3692d ago

If that's a realtime picture, and it's running at 1080p and 60fps, all I can say is OMGWTFOMAWFMOAWMOPMAWGIOAMWGIO NAIOWGN

3692d ago
joevfx3692d ago

umm, google cut 10,000 jobs last week, does that mean google will only last another year? please shut your face, you know nothing of economy and history, your just babble about something you read on another N4G posting.

and yes the PS3 is a super computer, do some research on that one.

and if one disc based game ( the first one mind you) is gonna run native at 1080p 60fps its gonna be on the PS3 and its gonna be god of war 3

Kleptic3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

this place steams with fear from 360 fanatics lately...

MS cut a bunch of jobs too you douche...Google, Yahoo, US auto makers are in some bail out fiasco again...the economy is a ball of shat...EVERYWHERE...

its cool though...the 360 d'bags can collectively suck each other off while people lose their guys are the best, don't let anyone tell you any different...

geda3692d ago

Did you just say "Gay of War"?

Xlll3692d ago

@Sony Defense Farce
M$ is cutting over a thousand jobs as well [email protected]@ss. I love how bots never check facts before they post sh!t, or simple make up stories.


um can anyone tell me what the VGA is, is that something on TV like is it on SpikeTv, or is it like an E3 thing so i can go to gay G4tv

ps3Owns3603692d ago

lol ps3 will conquer the rest of the year.microft its depending to much on gay of gears,ohh Im sorrry ! lagg of gears 2.microsft will not realease a 360 only exclusive game still 2 months! and there garbage games!.soo 360 will only have fable2,gears of war 2,and left 4 dead to survive.ps3 its now showing some great games and will til the developers finally knows how to harness the ps3 power.and many ppl should a ps3 for christmas reasons?little big planet,mgs4,SocOm,r2 and soon r3,god of war 3,warhawk,infamous,killzone2,M aG,uncharted 3,motorstorm 2 soon 3,cod6 with better graphics,and way many more dont have space to name alll games lol.ps3 will finish off 360 starting this year,all 360 fanboys be very afraid.BuT DONT worry you guys can play gears 2 for 1 year and a halF!

SONYSLAVE3691d ago

Wait is this N4G...nope? wait this is FOXnews right?? ...what?! oh damn my bad. good bye

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Dipso3692d ago

Silogons at it again.....yaawwnnn

xhi43692d ago

i never had respect for the blog until in October he posted stuff about Uncharted 2.......

geuss what it was exactly right!

i'm putting my trust in what he says now, it ain't all bullsh1t, he's proven himself so good on him.

TheForgotten0ne3692d ago

Read around, he edited the uncharted blog AFTER it was announced, people used google cache and something to find out. It's true

Kleptic3692d ago the part where it says the VGA trailer may be sliced down to 10 seconds...I did expect that though...seems way too early to get any decent gameplay footage...