Gamers Temple Review - Need for Speed Undercover

Gamers Temple: "Need for Speed Undercover is all about two things: racing and cop chases. Yes, there's a story in the game and it's told through live action cutscenes. And yes, you earn rep and cash, tune cars, and build a collection of fast, real-world cars. However, everything about the game is designed to keep you racing as much as possible. Whether or not that's a good thing depends a bit on how you like your street racing games...

As the game's title implies, you play as an undercover officer tasked with infiltrating a street racing gang that has branched out into smuggling. This story doesn't really have any impact on your as the player, nor does it require any interaction on your part. You just run a bunch of races, watch a cutscene about the investigation's progress and then run another bunch of races. You could insert a different set of cutscenes to change the story and there wouldn't be any impact on the gameplay."

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