Top 10 Tuesday: Dreamcast Revival

Sad news was delivered two weeks ago when SEGA announced it was ending production of GD-ROMs in February. Used for SEGA's NAOMI arcade board and for the Dreamcast, the discontinuation of GD-ROM production means an official end to one of the best consoles ever released. The Dreamcast is dead. Long live the Dreamcast!

In honor of the passing of the Dreamcast, IGN assembled a list of 10 great DC titles that deserve new life in the next-generation of gaming. While some of these titles lived briefly on other systems, none have made their way to a next-gen platform yet. IGN aims to change that by providing a little inspiration for developers and publishers.

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calderra4907d ago

Dreamcast itself deserves a second shot- games are STILL being made for it in Japan, even.

SEGA, c'mon, think DC2.

DC RID3R4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

came a cropper WAY TOO EARLY!!! (thanks SONY)

I remember when EVERYONE (bandwagon jumpers) hopped on the PS2 train because it was deemed "right" and "cool". heeehehe................PUNKS! !

The DC is the EPITOME of cool!

1st console to feature online gaming
1st console to introduce cross-play between DC/PC owners
1st console to feature website/e-mail access.

And so on and so on............................ ............PS WHO?

kewlkat0074907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Jet Set Radio was one of the cool games I bought when I got my Dreamcast. Then I was in love with the sequal in 2003 for my xbox. Also Soul Caliber, Powerstone, and Phantasy Star took up all of my time on that system. Let's not forget countless sessions of WORMS 2D with my college buddies..ahh the college days.

death monk4907d ago

I love Power Stone so much. I never understood why Capcom hasn't created a new sequel yet when Power Stone 2 offered so much more that Power Stone 1.

grifter0244907d ago

Long live DDDDDDDDDDDDC I loved that console allmost as much as I loved my Saturn... I still got my cast and play it once in a while I like the boot up the little circle going in circles.

death monk4907d ago

I thought Starlancer was a great game too. I haven't played a flying game that I enjoy as much as Starlancer since its release 7 years ago.