Abandoned Free For Owners of Blue Box's Previous Game

Kahraman mentions that those who purchase the now Early Access version of The Haunting will get Abandoned free of charge.

Chris_GTR1645d ago

this games not going to be finished either just like their previous 6 games so what does it matter.

S2Killinit645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

I guess it doesn't matter then. Im actually not very informed about this studio and what they did/didnt do to get all the criticism on social media.

CaptainHenry916646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

This indie game is getting the same hype as an AAA game🤔 this shouldn't be happening. With their prior history I'm not that interested in this game. You better keep your expectations low.

REDGUM645d ago

"I'm not that interested in this game"...And yet here you are reading the article & commenting on it. Ok.

cammers1995645d ago

You're defending the developer but they have a bad track record. If you knew you were going to be scammed you wouldn't buy it either.

slowgamer646d ago

"buy one unfinished game to get one unfinished game at the price of an another unfinished game"

Extermin8or3_646d ago

You mean all 0 people because no one heard of lol

RyanShutup646d ago

Show of hands... who owns their previous game?... anyone? anyone? Abandonded is Silent Hills. This offer is like saying "I'll give one free bitcoin to everyone who previously bought a shirt from my previously owned clothing shop." I can say that with full confidence because none of you have ever bought a shirt from me.

Z23ash646d ago

“Abandoned is silent hills” :,) oh man you’re still clinging to that. Thanks for giving me a chuckle

leejohnson222645d ago

Show me a time an indie dev had its own app, an exclusive ps5 game, on the ps blog which isn't free, has shu and other big names talking about, all the time while no one knows anything about the game with multiple blunders that Sony would usually never allow. This is not a normal indie game, its gone on too long and too many coincidences.

cammers1995645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Abandoned is not silent hills. Its designed to look like it, but it's not. Abandoned is developed by a wannabe indie developer who abandons his games when he gets bored and doesn't finish them.

I want silent hill to come back too. But this isn't it.

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