Tales of Arise Demo Runs 10 to 15fps Slower on PS5 than Xbox Series X in 4K Graphics Mode

Tales of Arise offers a pretty level playing round on next-gen consoles -- unless you're playing at 4K. Get the full breakdown.

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autobotdan111d ago

Just glad I am getting it on xbox series x instead of playstation. Better framerate. I suppose the steam pc version probably plays better than both

Jin_Sakai111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Most games run nearly identical on both consoles. This game is an exception. Hopefully they release a patch on PS5 and drop the resolution to 1800p.

Rimeskeem111d ago

Odd more devs to just implement checkerboard rendering. Would be more stable framerate.

NeoGamer232111d ago

Exactly. They may have done some new optimizations on XB, but even if there are new optimizations, the differences aren't big enough for anyone to really care.

10-15 fps is a lot different conversation at high side of 30 fps then it is at 50 fps on the high side. 30 fps is a minimum standard in my books. Anything higher is gravy.

Babadook7111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

My guess is optimization still has a ways to go at the time this demo had come together, particularly on PlayStations. A similar situation happened the other way around on other demos being locked at 60 FPS on PS4 pro and running very poor on 1X.

KingofBandits111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Why on earth would they need to drop it to a bullsh*t resolution of 1080p to match the minor FPS difference here? Also its a demo so who really knows what stage of development it was built on. I hope thats not true for final code because I'm going to be pissed buying the limited edition for a janky version

dumahim111d ago


1800 > 1080

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Rimeskeem111d ago

I mean, if you want better framerate you should just build a PC when prices come down. Cheaper games and multi-task. You get everything Xbox has plus more. Just gotta invest.

gamer7804111d ago

sooo many factors involved in deciding pc vs console, i would have to build 4 gaming pcs for my house which just isn't cost effective right now, perhaps the biggest factor is time. It just works. I used to have all the time in the world and only needed one PC so i would just spend time building pcs, upgrading them each year and tweaking them to get the best performance. Also xbox multitasks better than PCs gaming wise. So right now i have one PC geared towards professional work, then i get to step away (which is refreshing) to the couch and play on console.

thorstein111d ago

That's why I am getting a Steamdeck. So I can play the couple of Xbox games that I want.

blackblades111d ago

Its a demo stop being a .....

asapas8111d ago

I have an RX 6900 XT which laughs on PS5 and Series X, but I still want to play these big games in a console. Series X all the way

RedDevils110d ago

This is how virgin talk lol

CantThinkOfAUsername111d ago

You haven't played a Bandai Namco game on PC before, have you? It'll run like dogshit just like all their PC ports.

Vengeance1138111d ago

I'm just SO glad I'm getting this on playstation instead of Xbox, better overall experience.

autobotdan111d ago

For Tales of Arise you are getting a lesser overall experience on playstation

RedDevils110d ago

I played all Tales of games on Playstation, that not gonna change especially this is best of the the lot, I'm not gonna be put off for couple of frames off.

Michiel1989111d ago

they arent exactly known for great pc ports, lets hope theyve done a better job at that this time.

strifeblade111d ago

It's what I would expect. Series x is about 20% more powerful so I expect about a 20% more powerful results. Great!

1Victor111d ago Show
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GoodGuy09111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Wonder how itll run on my 3070. Sadly theres no demo on pc.

Tapani111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

It will run 4K60 maxed out. 3070 is around 33% faster than Xbox Series X, and in 4K probably 38% or so (RDNA2.0 works the best at 1440p/1800p.) I think my 6900xt should do also a good job at 4K60. Thinking of picking up a tales game in a long time. I think I finished Tales of Destiny 1 and 2 on PSX back in the day. I want to play Berseria as well.

gamer7804111d ago

bandai namco pc ports generally aren't very good, so getting 30% more performance is a long shot. Also the 3700 should be faster, the card alone is about 500$ the same as the series x and you are still missing case, power supply, ram, cpu, coolling etc.

Tapani111d ago

Yeah, well it's been years since mainline Tales series was released on PC, but even then Berseria ran on a GTX1080 4K60. I'm confident a card that is much much faster than the current gen consoles will run it 4K60 maxed out as well, especially given that it is Unreal Engine 4. I mean what console games are out there on UE4 that do not run 4K60 on an RTX3070? Probably one or two here and there, maybe Ark.

And I didn't claim the game will run 33-38% faster than on Xbox Series X, I said the RTX3070 is around that level faster than the AMD RDNA2.0 iGPU found on Series X. Plus it has way more power budget, than the RX 6600XT/6700XT level iGPU in the Xbox. It's just science, and if you look back at similar claims, it always pans out this way. Once you got your patches and mods on PC, the performance difference with consoles is exactly what the performance difference is with the technology.

Also this is not a discussion about price/performance ratio, this is a discussion about how well RTX3070 will run Tales of Arise, which is an UE4 game.

I am baffled why people disagree with me, is this some kind of console forum? I own two PS3s for retro games, Switch, eyeing PS5 purchase (just sold my PS4 Pro), we have two 3DS, PS Vita, Gameboy Advance, and I've had Nes, Snes, N64, GC, Dreamcast, Xbox OG, Xbox 360, so yeah, I'm a console gamer. Just stating technological facts here, not sure if people here can take it, though.

For reference: RX6600xt has 9.6 Tflops, which can be one-slider OC'd to 10.5, around PS5 performance. 6700xt has 13.21, and can be one-slider OC'd to 15, around 24% faster than Series X. RTX 3070 is faster than 6700xt around 5% with the latest drivers, which would put it to around 33-38% range compared to Series X. RTX 3070 is realistically around 17Tflops, which again, is around 30% higher than Series X. Again, you can turn up power slider, and maybe clocks by 5-10% to gain another 5% for free.

So tell me all disagreeing people, what is wrong with my above explanation? Give me a scientific answer, not just some BS.

babadivad110d ago

That comment about RDNA2 being a 1440/1080p card is utter nonsense.

The 6900XT basically trades wins back and forth with the RX 3090 in rasterized performance. If the 6900XT is only a 1440p card then every card is.

That card will run this at 4k60 in its sleep. Literally the best card money can buy at the moment.

Tapani110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


You are correct it trades blows with 3090, but 6900xt's relative performance is faster in 1440p. However, if you look at synthetic benchmarks with the latest AMD drivers, 6900xt has already surpassed 3090. I'm guessing it will age well just like 5700xt, and this is good for both console and PC users. Plus the optimizations hopefully carry over to PC, like with Flight simulator.

I've seen around 26K graphics scores in Timespy for 6900xt. XTXH cards are fast, but so are the XTH when properly cooled and tuned. Interestingly, Xbox Series X has been labeled as 12tflops with its 56 CUs, which is very close to 6800's 60 CUs and its 16+ Tflops. Series X is heavily limited by the power budget and cooling, because you can easily OC 6800 to 2.7ghz resulting in almost 21tflops (20.8) with just 4 CUs more. That is 40%+ performance with extra 6.7% more CUs.

You can get 27tflops out of 6900xt if you OC it to 2.7ghz, and past 29 tflops if you can go up to 2.85ghz or more. RDNA2.0 gpus are good cards with the latest drivers. Let's see how the console RT optimizations (aka Spiderman / Ratcher & Clank) translate to PC RDNA2.0...

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smashman98111d ago

lol ur gonna have no issues my friend.

SurgicalMenace111d ago

Man, I guess that means it's unplayable on PS5, huh?

Sayai jin111d ago

Who said it was unplayable? Why the extreme?

DarthMarvin111d ago

Someone gets jokes. I think you might know them.

Ash01Live111d ago

It is unplayable for the fanboys, can't handle the shame of running slower on their platform of choice. What a strange world we live in. Some just can't enjoy gaming anymore. Some people caught up in looking at textures if rocks instead of enjoying the game.

Teflon02111d ago

Game look muddy in frames mode and looked 30fps in graphics. Didn't have a issue with framers at 30. Seemed consistent. But that 60fps made on a 4k screen was ugly af

darkrider111d ago

Its a demo and the game runs like crap on all consoles. Its even worse this doesnt seem cross gen game, but a last gen game... Bandai Namco should do much better.

RaiderNation111d ago

Regardless, I play all my games in performance mode anyway. As long as I get a smooth 60fps in that setting, I'm good.