This Last of Us 2 PS5 makeover is an impressive redesign

This The Last of Us 2 PS5 makeover has given Sony's next-gen console a distinctly impressive glow-up.

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dbcoops59d ago

WOW! That looks absolutely incredible.

Sonic-and-Crash59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

why they didnt draw Abby , or Dina or Lev?....Joel is not the protagonist of LouS2... people is seeing why LoUS2 is a terrible mesh

CBaoth59d ago

this isn't official. It's a fan made design. From 2016. You do KNOW this, right?

By the way, how's your "Bring back tank controls in RE" petition going?

Atticus_finch59d ago

If the design included Abby you would be whining even more.

Sonic-and-Crash59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

@CBaoth be a fan of Playstation , dont be blind ....LoUS2 had ton of mistakes and was a mediocrity , praising it more and giving it awards because of hype (or paid critiques) doesnt make it better

my petition is not going well , i really hope you enjoy "eating" the garbages Capcom releases lately (RE7,RE8

Japan (and millions of RE fans across the world) didnt enjoy them though and the producer got fired in miliseconds

Vithar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Says Last of Us on the art, think the title guy screw up
EDIT nvm didint see the white part II hahah

JackBNimble59d ago

So why are they calling this sticker Lous2 when it's clearly a pic of the first game?
Either way , expect sony to shut this down or sue the dude who made these.

I wonder when tlou2 directors cut is coming?

PrinceAli58d ago

You f**king donkey! loool

dbcoops58d ago

Its just fan art dude, I dont understand why everything has to be an outrage crusade with you people, seriously grow up. You calling the game "mediocrity" doesn't make it a fact either. Your opinion is in the minority and I think that's what bothers people who hate on this game the most.

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darthv7259d ago

I saw a guy who took his dark plates and had them etched with the same designs as the PS4 Pro edition of LoU2. It looked pretty sweet, esp with the lighting the PS5 emits. This one is nice too using the white plates.

I really hope Sony gets wise and starts making themed plates for people to use. I know they gave up on the PS4 hdd covers but there is a market out there for customizing ones system. XB had the 360 faceplates for quite a while. some are pretty collectable too.

dbcoops58d ago

100% agree with them making themed plates. Some limited edition ones ever so often would be cool too for the collectors who dont mind spending a little more.

darkrider59d ago

Damn, thats really super cool.

SDuck59d ago

No words, just beautiful.

TheDoomedGuy59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Idk why but ellie in that drawing reminds me of Tess. Looks amazing but not very representative of the game. Why isnt abby part of it?
Even Ellie's girlfriend plays a bigger role.

This clearly represents the love for the franchise which was unfortunately removed abruptly. A picture does indeed last longer lol

thejigisup59d ago

This comment definitely missed the mark. If I had a ratchet and clank face plate but it didn't have rivet on it can it be a R&C: RA face plate? Absolutely. You don't need all of the prominent characters in an installment to be a representation of said installment. Ellie is also depicted to be older here so def not representing tlou1.

TheDoomedGuy59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Joel isn't a prominent character anymore. He's an after thought. The driving force of the plot but not the key player.

Yes of course you can have other elements...but the first game was Ellie and Joel...this would make sense but the second game was not Ellie and Joel.

My comment did not miss the mark in the slightest. If you had a competition and had to choose a graphic that best shows a relation to the game this one would not be it. Maybe revenge or loss oriented with Ellie holding something of Joel's but Joel himself as a character is discarded in part 2.

kimbomma159d ago

So I take it you didn't read where the article says this was inspired by a piece of artwork from DeviantArt that was posted back in 2016 when TLOU2 was first revealed?

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