Gamers Temple Review - Midnight Club: LA Remix

Gamers Temple: "The first appearance of Midnight Club on the PSP was memorable for the fact that the load times were longer than the races themselves. In fact, I can remember actually falling asleep once during a particularly lengthy load. Thankfully, Midnight Club: LA Remix features significantly shorter load times and you'll spend more time racing than you will staring at load screens. And with all that extra time to spend racing, you'll find LA Remix to actually be kind of fun.

LA Remix is a street racing game set in Los Angeles and Tokyo. You don't get detailed virtual versions of these cities as you do in the console versions of the game, though. The LA in this game could pass for just about any large city, and Tokyo looks similar to LA, but with lots of neon. This isn't entirely unexpected for a portable game, though, and besides, most of the time you'll be driving too fast to enjoy the scenery. There's some virtual traffic on the streets that you'll need to avoid while racing, but neither city is all that crowded.

The game's script is pretty typical for a street racing game. You're an unknown racer trying to race your way up the ranks and gain enough cred to race the champions and earn the right to be known as the best street racer in town. To accomplish this you check your map for available races or answer calls on your cell phone that will let you know where to find particular street racers to challenge. Anyway, I doubt anyone plays these types of games for the story, so let's move on to the racing."

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