Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Showcases the Wonder and Terror of Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus captures the magic of the Pokemon world in a new trailer that showcases the game's open-world setting--and the terror of Pokemon going out of control.

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Neonridr106d ago

Looks great, maybe more what people have been asking for.

KDblack106d ago

The open-world aspects definitely look good.

Darkborn106d ago

This is what I've always envisioned Pokémon to be as. Where the Pokémon can actually attack the trainer and you need Pokémon to protect you. I'm super happy they are implementing that and th open world aspect is a nice touch.

Inverno106d ago

Still looks unimpressive to me, but that's all I'll say on it. I'll wait for when people get their hands on it and I read some impressions on it maybe I'll be proven wrong. I hope I am too cause I still want to play some Pokemon

Tanoriss106d ago

I like how it looks/plays! My only gripe is this is supposed to be set way in the past right? The Villages almost look very old feudal era (maybe it's just that town?) Yet the advanced tech of a pokeball is still around. Not a huge gripe but just something I noticed.

Outlawzz105d ago

The pokeballs are old fashioned/prototype looking, not the same as the modern ones... and yea probably best not to dissect it too far, just not worth it lol

Snookies12106d ago

I dunno... I like some aspects of it, but I just really don't like the art style of the Pokemon themselves. The look very bland with the way this game renders them. And it has some moments of poor animation as well. Time will tell, I suppose. But at least this is a great step in the right direction for this series. Hopefully this is the start of some big changes to the series because it really needs it.

Inverno105d ago

Problem is in order for the art style to truly work they needed to redesign all Pokemon. Pokemon look the way they do cause it's it always takes place in a somewhat modern setting. When I saw Mr.Mime it looked so out of place, probably cause there weren't any mimes or clowns that look like that during that era. Also they're just using the same models and don't seem to be animating em any differently

Snookies12105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I honestly think it's the lack of detail on the fur that is off-putting for me. They're just all smooth flat textures. Granted, I know the Switch isn't a powerhouse. So detailed fur is out the window, but I still feel like some of the models need a bit more detail to them. Still not out yet though, so they have time to polish things up. I don't like to judge a game before it's fully released, in any case. We'll have to just wait and see how this one goes. Either way, it is an interesting and refreshing step for the series.

Inverno105d ago

Hard not to judge given the last 2 games they put out were mediocre. Not to mention this is the second time they've shown it and graphically it still looks very rough. It may be a step in the right direction but GF hasn't given much of a reason to trust they can pull it off.
Personally I think people need to stop defending them when they get criticism over the Pokemon models. The lack of detail is due to them being the same ones first used in their 3D DS games. They need to make some new models for hardware that is much more capable than the 3DS as well as choose a new art style that's more consistent with the world and environments