Xbox Series X's Higher Resolution UI Won't Impact Game Resources, Confirms Exec

According to Director of Program Management, Jason Ronald, the higher resolution dashboard will not take any memory away from games, allowing all titles to run as usual.

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Jin_Sakai61d ago

Can’t believe a next gen console was built around a 1080p SDR interface to begin with.

Julion071561d ago

It’s not that serious my guy

61d ago
iplay1up261d ago

I don't have a PS5, but I can say I 100% prefer the Xbox UI over my PS4'S. Also my TV upscale 1080p images to 4K, so the Xbox UI has always looked crystal clear to me.

darkrider61d ago

Its next gen. One of the biggest leaps from the PS4 to the PS5 is the UI. It doesnt take time for nothing, like the ps4 does... in some cases it was an eternity. With the PS5 its lightning fast and very easy to use. The integration of the PS Stores works like never before. This was a point where Microsoft version was better.

JustTheFax60d ago

@darkrider is that why so many ps5 owners including myself hate the home button and how it doesn't go to turn off the power when you hold it down anymore? That was a stupid change.

Lightning7761d ago

Realistically it was probably by choice. They're trying to manage system resources and Noe that the sdk's have matured enough they're Abel to implement the 4k dashboard with out potentially taking away any resources from the games.

In all honesty that was my biggest concern for me by far.

I bet you wouldn't be saying that when Sony finally implements Quick Resume to PS5 in the future.

DJStotty61d ago

Course not, then Quick Resume would be the most innovative, greatest feature this gen, and they will lay claim it is "not the same" as Xbox's quick resume, and Sony developed it from the ground up in collaboration with Naughty Dog, the best developers on the planet. /s

Jin_Sakai61d ago

“Course not, then Quick Resume would be the most innovative, greatest feature this gen”

When it works it’s great. The problem is that it’s inconsistent and not every game supports the feature such as Hades for example.

darkrider61d ago

will they? I have major doubts. loading games are super fast. This feature last gen would be great, where games could take 1, 1.30, 2 minutes or more, but now is seconds, you dont have almost loading times and we are still in the start of the gen. They will get even faster.

garos8261d ago

whats the point when games take less than 3 seconds to load on PS5.

JustTheFax60d ago

I'm still waiting for VRR on PS5, which is a bigger feature than a 4k dashboard in my opinion. VRR actually affects the games!

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DJStotty61d ago

I can't believe you didn't believe it, even with last gen only having a 720p dashboard.

Highrevz60d ago


Hades does support quick resume, it just didn’t the first few hours it was available. A lot of titles launch without it and get it added soon after but obviously not all.

darkrider61d ago

made by a software company.

VenomUK61d ago

Of course it's good for the Xbox Series X to get a 4K UI. What is so silly about the whole format wars thing is that people argue to defend their preferred console and criticise the other preferred console just because of brand loyalty even when it doesn't make sense. When Digital Foundry's John Linneman pointed out that the Series X would only have 1080p UI there were people all over social media attacking him, he got proper abuse - but that's his job! And some people were saying play 'games not UI'! But don't shout down good features just because your favourite platform doesn't have it because they will eventually come. This is a good update.

NeoGamer23260d ago

It is just the startup environment. Glad their focus was on everything else before this. Literally, I am not going to boot my XB and say, "Wow, this changes my whole gaming experience". Personally, to me, this is a wasted effort that could've been put to other things.

But, nonetheless I am glad they probably did some other optimizations that makes it so this doesn't take more resources from games. That was the most important thing to me.

JustTheFax60d ago

VRR is the bigger feature that the competition is missing

DJStotty60d ago

Exactly, apart from say what, 15 seconds on boot up, and 15 seconds on shutdown, I am never on the UI dashboard

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yarbie100060d ago

It doesn't matter about the games, if the system can't handle it then it's going to crash along with the games lol

IRetrouk60d ago

Why do people keep calling it 4k?

NeoGamer23260d ago

The same reason that when you buy a 2x4 it isn't 2x4, and when you buy a hard drive its gigabytes and megabytes are measured by 1000's and not 1024's.

IRetrouk60d ago

Nah that's cap, ms hasn't once said it's a 4k dashboard update, just higher resolution in hdr support either🤷‍♂️

NeoGamer23260d ago

Not sure why everyone is disagreeing with you. You only stated facts.

IRetrouk60d ago

I think my comment came over a bit more rude than intended, that and maybe cause I'm more of a playstation user, its all good, If I had of posted something similar in a ps thread Ida got the same, fair play for the shoutout though, respect👊

Father__Merrin60d ago

Will be much cleaner looking ui when they release it. Don't know about any of you but my monitor makes an annoying click noise when it jumps to 4k and back.

There's another annoyance although minor on some of the menu options when you click it the font seems to bleed in anyone else notice that?

CrimsonWing6960d ago

I hate the UI for Xbox, I hope it gets a serious overhaul. Does anybody remember the blades UI from when the 360 launched? I thought the was great and easy to navigate. I think as it stands the PS4 XMB is the best of the bunch.

gamer780460d ago (Edited 60d ago )

it gets the job done, i like some aspects of it, but i'd like a minimal option with icons along the top or bottom so i could see my background/wallpaper more clearly. Other than some of the lack of functionality with the ps4 xmb, visually i like its home screen the best.

CrimsonWing6960d ago

Yea that is another thing with the Xbox UI. There’s just so much going on. I remember that Xbox started the whole background/wallpaper feature and then as they evolved that got screwed into backgrounds for your Avatars. I think making it simple is really the better way to go instead of constant ads and information everywhere.

John_McClane60d ago

Personally preference, but I will say the my xbox ui is way faster than my ps4 pro and i even upgraded the pro with a Samsung evo ssd. I have to say though that I really liked the 360 blades!

CrimsonWing6960d ago

I agree that there’s some serious lag when you go in the PSN store on a PS4 Pro that kind of ganks everything after that. At least that’s been my experience.

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