First teaser of Manhunt 2 (PSP, Wii, PS2)

Rockstar just released the first teaser of the just announched game Manhunt 2, which will be released on PSP, PS2 and Nintendo Wii. It's definitly worth chekking it out. To watch the trailer, click on the underlined word 'hier'.

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Captain Tuttle4904d ago

Will this game be out for the PS3? If not, it's pretty bad when you lose games to your predecessor.

kamakazi4904d ago

no its kinda sad how Ms abandoned the xbox. Sony is supporting both the PS2 and the PS3. funny how its not even mentioned for either the xbox or 360. needless to say cant wait for this game.

kornbeaner4903d ago

that it's as good and better then the first.

Havince4903d ago

why not bring it out on next gen ??????? means im gonna have 2 get it on psp

Rasputin20114902d ago

Smart...that is what I am for keeping my PS2 around even though I own xbox360.