1UP Presents Game Night Featuring Killzone 2

Join the 1UP editors on Game Night this Tuesday at 5PM PST, a special night reserved for the 1UP community. They'll play an unreleased game while answering questions from the audience, performed live at the 1UP office and streamed to your computer thanks to

Hosts: David Ellis and Tina Sanchez
When: 12/09/08, Tuesday, 5PM PST
Where: Watch the streaming player in this news post.
How: Post a question in 1UP's Game Night thread in the Killzone 2 Messageboard on 1UP, and they'll try to answer them.

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This should be good.I hope some one expose them and ask why the F are they bias against the ps3.They said killzone2 cover system is a gimmk but why was gears2 cover system not a gimmk?

TOO PAWNED3654d ago

because it is on 360 exclusively?

Fishy Fingers3654d ago

UK Residents...

PMT is roughly 4 hours behind GMT. So for UK gamers, this will air at 9pm.

Foliage3653d ago

There were some bias moments, but it was mostly positive. They also unprofessionally gave out quite a few spoilers, especially if you can read between the lines. From an extremely bias site like 1up with their hate on everything PS3 it was a rather positive showing.

The questions were pretty positive also.

The best part was how they gave absolutely no justification as to why this title doesn't deserve a perfect score. Which is going to be rather tough to justify when bias sites like 1up publish scores way below what Killzone 2 deserves. We all know their minds were already made up when they heard it was a PS3 title.

They ran the game at SD rather than HD because apparently they can't stream HD. Let's just wait until they do a similar thing with a 360 game and all of a sudden they manage to figure out how to stream HD.

NDN_Shadow3653d ago

I saw some of it, the full viewing is going to be on Gamevideos tomorrow.

However, I really don't consider them biased per say. Maybe because they have such a strong community base through their podcasts and such, I see them more as actual people with opinions than professional journalists.