Oddworld: Soulstorm confirmed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Neil writes: "If there has been one PlayStation game that we've cast an envious little eye at, it's been Oddworld: Soulstorm. But we need worry no longer as Oddworld Inhabitants and Microids have today confirmed that the explosive action adventures of Oddworld: Soulstorm will soon be coming to Xbox - in both digital and physical fashion."

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jonny89770d ago

This game will really test your patience, but you need to keep pushing without getting frustrated.

chicken_in_the_corn70d ago

How so? Haven't played it myself yet

TheRealTedCruz70d ago

I have to say, while visually stunning, this one was a disappointment for me; and I'm a long time fan of the Oddworld series.

crazyCoconuts70d ago

I played them all as well but I'll liked Soulstorm a lot. Especially awesome that it was free on PSN.

Orchard70d ago

That was a pretty cool reveal, I like it.

DJStotty69d ago

Lol, downvoted for liking something, jeez the life of an N4G commentor.....

Dirty_Lemons70d ago

I loved those original two games, and Stranger's. I was so hoping Soulstorm would be a return to true form, and it sort of is. Fantastic graphics, great locations (although missed seeming the nature aspects, Scrabs/ Paramites/ Fleeches etc). The biggest problem was that it was just far too long, half the length would've been fantastic.

That said, I'm greatful new Oddworld games exists at all, and JAW and OI have certainly tried to bring their original vision to life all these years later.

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