Resident Evil 7 is ‘free’ on PS4 but redeeming it might get you banned

Resident Evil 7 is widely regarded as the game that brought the franchise back from its action-orientated slump. Up until now though, players have had to buy the game if they wanted to play it. However, a recently discovered PlayStation Store bug means PS4 players are managing to nab the game for free, as long as they have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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curtain_swoosh110d ago

ive seen someone talking about this and if you get the PSplus collection on the ps5, its free for your ps4 aswell.

but i think this particular thing is a glitch.

Profchaos110d ago

Could be but also that PS plus collection ban if you don't own a ps5 was for people who were selling the games to others so a dodgey eBay asd states give us your username and password we will sign in and add the games from our ps5. The fact that one ps5 unit was activating thousands of games was a giveaway and the ban hammer was dropped.

I know people who have added the games to their mates PSN account with no issues.

VenomCarnage89109d ago

Years ago there was a glitch and I saw Infamous: Second Son for free on the PS store right after it released. Then like 3 weeks later they sneakily tried to charge me the full $60 for it. Blew right up on customer service until I got that money back because that's such a Microsoft way of doing things

JackBNimble109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Wow ... you go after MS for a Sony thing , you sonybois are such simps.

dreamed109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Sounds like a billion dollar company way of doing things....stop the fanboyism...Sony are just as shitty as the all the other companies.
I don't understand all this "blind faith" and validation seeking through a games machine/company.
But then again I was born in the 70's...😂😂✌ ️

VenomCarnage89108d ago

You guys see blind Sony fanboy-ism coming from a guy who just criticized Sony for pulling that weak ass move? Wow people are so blind that it's actually hilarious

Futureshark110d ago

It was free if you had PS+ and downloaded the demo, then you could get it for nothing from within the demo itself.

I believe SONY have pulled all the demos now from PSN store, so I think it's over.

Iltapalanyymi110d ago

They have never banned people for making a mistake on ps store, (heard someone redeem 9 years worth of ps+ from 14day trials exploit once) exploiting the ps+ collection isnt a mistake though, you get banned for that.

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