Biomutant Has Sold a Million Copies, Made Its Costs Back in a Week

Biomutant, the open-world RPG from Experiment 101, has sold over one million copies and made its costs back within its opening week.

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roadkillers70d ago

I think the opposite would be the case where gamepass kills physical sales.

neutralgamer199270d ago

I think that's what he also meant to say

JackBNimble70d ago

Keep paying $70 a game then, and how did this turn into games pass ?

Are you on a propaganda mission lol?

TheDoomedGuy70d ago


I do believe this game came out at $60 if not less. Definitely not 70.

@pitbul brought up gamepass not @roadkillers
But he probably did that because of a recent article that mentioned the majority of sales came from PlayStation aka not gamepass.

DJStotty69d ago


"I think the opposite would be the case where gamepass kills physical sales."

Come on, really? what else would it do? seeing as, you know, kind of, perhaps, gamepass is a digital service..... maybe....

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DJStotty69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Would it still not have made the same amount? Seeing as though xbox gamers do not buy games?

And Biomutant is also free on EA Play Plus, a same service as gamepass (only their version) does that not also "kill physical sales"?

70d ago
camel_toad70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Did anyone here like the game? I was looking forward to trying it right up until it came out and most critic AND user reviews kind of trashed it.

Smok9170d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I loved it. It turned out to be the game I was expecting so I wasn’t disappointed at all when it came out. Still confused on what people were expecting from such a small development team and the game in general. If you can grab on sale which is easy now, it’s worth a try if you ask me. I almost let the poor reviews keep me from getting it and I’m really glad I didn’t.

thorstein70d ago

"I almost let the poor reviews keep me from getting it "

Imagine all the great games we'd miss out if we listened to reviewers.

TheColbertinator70d ago


Tons of cool games or unique games that could have used more development time were trashed by overzealous reviewers.

War of the Monsters, Alpha Protocol, Mafia 3 and EVE Online come to mind immediately

got_dam70d ago

Same story with days gone. It wasn't trashed completely, but the reviews would have you think it was aggressively mediocre. I absolutely loved that game. I'm waiting for biomutant to go on sale before I buy just in case, but it looks interesting to me.

camel_toad70d ago

Thanks for the info. I think I will pick it up then.

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coolbeans70d ago

I played it closer to release and wound up disliking it. It came out of the game in such a sloppy state.

porkChop70d ago

That's actually surprising considering how many years it was delayed. I figured they'd need a lot more than 1M units sold to cover that.

Shikoku70d ago

well when you dont spend millions on ads and promotions on TV and other places you dont need 5 million units to make your money back. I dont know why people believe the AAA publishers and companies.

annoyedgamer70d ago

Gullible people believe whatever narrative is fed to them. That's why the market is in shambles.

porkChop70d ago

Who said anything about AAA publishers? The game was supposed to be out years ago, so it was obviously over budget. It's not unreasonable to think 1M units might not be enough to cover development costs of a game that saw so many delays.

Shikoku70d ago

good now maybe they can add the actually game into the tech demo.

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