Sky Player on consoles 'an interesting opportunity'

Sky Player may well be coming to consoles soon...

Sky's Director of OnDemand looks to next step in VOD...

Sky's Director of OnDemand, Griff Parry, has told TechRadar that the company is already looking to utilise people's games consoles to bring the best programmes to their televisions via the internet.

Parry, who has just pushed through a huge move from Sky to offer online-only subscription to its programmes without the need for a satellite dish via Sky Player TV, believes that using people's consoles to get video on demand from the internet to the television represents an 'interesting opportunity.'

"Currently consoles like the PlayStation 3 won't play the Sky Player because of the way we protect the content [through Microsoft's Silverlight]; so the PS3 wouldn't be able to cope with the DRM," said Parry as he showed off the new streaming live channels on Sky Player.

"However, I think games consoles are an interesting opportunity and it is something that we are exploring."

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kapedkrusader3628d ago

...when the first thing that's mentioned is that Sky Player won't be for the PS3 because of DRM issues?

THC CELL3628d ago

bla bla bla sony could help sky make this happen
look at the PlayTv box they brought out
and they have some of the sky channels on there

i would not mind paying for a new box with a usb port for ps3 addon

Karum3628d ago

Depends on what Sky's VOD service is like.

Besides, this is sky TV we're talking about, the pioneers of making you subscribe to a sports channel for Premier League Football then making some of those games pay per view on top of that.

If they feel there is money to be made and wanted to workwith Sony and Sony wanted to work with them then they'd make it happen. As it stands right now the PS3 isn't compatible with their DRM platform but that stuff can be worked around if both parties want to do it.

However with that said, the interview I just read from this site with a guy from Sony when asked about whether they were interested in offering the same kind of service that Ntflix and the 360 have, the answer was no because they feel their customers want to own the content.

Then again a recent FW update added VOD support for the console so who knows.