Cyberpunk 2077's Jackie Welles Was Originally "A Bad Guy"

The loveable Jackie Welles was originally written as a very different character.

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SDuck650d ago

But then they changed their minds and decided to spoil his death on a freaking cinematic trailer. I don't care how unfinished the game was on release, that was the thing that I hated the most in this game and I'm shocked I didn't see anyone else complain about it

CobraKai650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

I know. I couldn’t connect with him cuz I knew he was gonna die. I was literally waiting for it when i played cuz I knew where things were headed. That pissed me off.

SDuck649d ago

I was hoping there was something we could do to save him. Even paused and googled it because I didn't just wanted to watch the events of that trailer again

BrainSyphoned650d ago

Just imagine if the game was a choice based RPG he could have been bad/good or even survived based on your gameplay.

SDuck649d ago

Assuming you've read my comment above, I was expecting that option when I remembered that trailer during gameplay. That would've been amazing. Like The Joker being good / bad on the Telltales series