Abandoned Developers Put Realtime Experience App on PS Plus for Germany to Make It Free

Kahraman made use of the German PS Store’s PS Plus to make the Realtime Experience free for their viewers.

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Dirty_Lemons61d ago

Did this need it's own article?

MrNinosan61d ago

Wow, so Germany also got the app for free as the rest of the world?
What's the point with this article and why is it approved?

fr0sty61d ago

It points out the hurdles they have to clear to comply with German regulations.

monkey60261d ago

While being pessimistic is one way to take this, another is to realise it shed some light on the absolute obserdity that Germany will not allow free apps to begin with.

djl348561d ago

Maybe read the article instead of being a dumbass.

MrNinosan61d ago

Why would I ever read a article on sirusgaming?

Clickbait articles won't get my support or money.

But as you read the article, how many here on N4g would actually be interested in this "amazing" videogames news post?

1nsomniac61d ago

Bizarre article and one that just seems to serve the only purpose of trying persuade you they’re good honest people and not “scammers”..

Eonjay60d ago

No. They shouldn't have had to do this at all. The reason its a thing is because Germany bars giving it out for free.
Which is really odd and doesn't make sense. Can anyone explain why this can't be given away for free by itself in Germany? Is this a tax. But if no money is collected, why would a tax apply?