PS3 Attitude | UK PS3 charts: Nothing can stop WaW

The feeling of 'deja vu' is in the air, since this is the fourth consecutive week Call of Duty: World at War remains in the top of the charts.

Activision has hit the jackpot with their "one CoD per year" tactic. The next Call of Duty Modern Warfare title is due to visit us in Fall 2009.

Here at PS3 Attitude Towers we are ok with that "fifalization" of the franchise, as far as they keep producing innovative quality games.

But let's see Chart Track's UK Charts for week ending 6 December 2008…

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Simon_Brezhnev3602d ago

good to see resistance 2 and lbp doing good

SullyDrake3602d ago

So it's not good to see two fantastic games doing good? Wow, we have 2 more idiots here it seems!

COD:WAW is an awesome, underrated, and underappreciated game that deserves it's success.

Doppy3602d ago

I can't buy a game that comes out every year. I play the COD's and their great, but I don't like the every year deal. R2 and LBP seem to be doing just fine, and I would like to know how many copies of all these games have sold.

Anywho according to Amazon is offering a 1 day deal I think ends tonight where if you add a 80GB PS3, Resistance 2 Collector Edition, and the Dark Knight Blu Ray in your cart and enter the code PSKNIGHT then you will get the R2 CE and The Dark Knight Blu ray for free.

Happy holidays.

SL1M DADDY3601d ago

Underrated and underrated? Tha game has sold over 4 million copies already... How is that underrated?

I absolutely love the game and for me, the Zombie mode is pure bliss.

Foxgod3602d ago

Very nice, but i am still wondering why people buy need4speed.

ViceKingz3602d ago

ive been wondering the same, but i guess the euros are just too crazy for their cars

Shmapanese3602d ago

wut the ef ? need for speed undercover got an incredible amount of horrid reviews from all sites and yet the euro's still diggin it? damn thats nuts.

btw Midnight Club LA is by far waaaaaay better then N4S undercover.


Aclay3602d ago

@ Foxgod,

Racing games are pretty popular in Europe and I'm sure most of them really don't care about the review scores.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue sold over a million copies over in Europe just in pre-orders alone, and Racing games usually tend to sell pretty well over there.

WhittO3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

In the last 1 hour of woching tv, i have seen like 15 adverts for it, (along with like 30 360 ads!!!)

The ads make it seem like a decent game worth buying.

These are the people who buy games just because they have seen the adverts and think therefore it must be a good game. If only they knew lol

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Bubble Buddy3602d ago

My Gold AK-47 can stop it.

Magic_The_Celt3602d ago

See, WaW is surfing on the success of COD4

its as simple as that.

LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

That's terrible!

Mediocrity should not sell! Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet are fantastic games!!! Why can't they outsell COD:WaW???

Xi3602d ago

others find top notch, and vice versa.

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The story is too old to be commented.