Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Psychonauts 2, Humankind, Twelve Minutes, and More

Xbox Wire writes: “You probably saw this coming, but there are lots of Xbox Game Pass games on the way. Last week we announced Humankind is coming to PC on day one… and today that day has arrived! Looking ahead, we’re excited to explore the bizarre, twisted, and trippy mental worlds of Psychonauts 2 and solve the mystery of the time loop in Twelve Minutes on day one. Those barely scratch the surface for what’s on the horizon, so let’s jump right in and check out all the games coming soon!”

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DJStotty61d ago

Train sim world 2!!! Had some great fun with the first one. Also Myst, good time to revisit an old classic!!!

Keep em coming Xbox, and i'll keep subbing.

Rimeskeem61d ago

Out of all those games, Train Sim World 2 is the one you want?

Each to their own but damn lol

YodaCracker61d ago

I mean, if you’re really into trains…

DJStotty60d ago

I like sims, more over Psychonauts 2, NFS is not that great these days, i am not really a massive star wars game fan although i like the films and the others i do not know much about.

Trains are one of the greatest inventions to this day.

IRetrouk60d ago

Nfs heat is probably the best need for speed in years to be fair, give it a go mate, I promise you will atleast like it.

gamer780461d ago

excited for myst as well, been a few decades since i've played that game. Also going to play train sim world with my son. pretty good announcement.

TheRealTedCruz61d ago

Highly looking forward to trying Psychonauts.

gamer780461d ago

not my type of game but i'm sure it will be well made, i was hoping for a brutal legend sequel when they brought jack black on stage though.

61d ago
gamer780461d ago

@fewDankMemes simple I loved the music, jack black, and the gameplay. All of which is totally different than psychonauts.

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Father__Merrin61d ago

Used to play TSWorld it's quite enjoyable of there's any easy gamerscore in this lot Il give them a go

61d ago
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bleedsoe9mm60d ago

It would be a great month but that is only the last 2 weeks of August

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The story is too old to be commented.