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An extract of the Hockey Allstar Shootout review by WiiWare World:

"It's easy to see why hockey fans will feverishly download Hockey Allstar Shootout. The only alternatives for any Wii-toting rink rats are a half-baked port and a few crude NES classics that you had to play back in the day to appreciate now (Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey, in case you were wondering). So you have to sympathize with their longing for an interactive version of their favourite hobby - particularly one that uses the Wii Remote to replicate the feel of snapping and flicking pucks at the net. Unfortunately this isn't that game. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to even call this a game, let alone one about hockey.

The problems begin with the controls. All it takes to shoot the puck is aiming the cursor with the control stick and slapping away by swinging the Wii Remote like a real hockey stick. There even appears to be a bit of nuance to how swinging the controller affects your shots, yet the game never bothers to explain exactly how. Instead we're left wondering why the puck reacts so unpredictably to our movements. Compounding this is a cursor that constantly sways about the screen, ostensibly to add an illusion of depth to the pointless gameplay. The result is a perpetual battle with the unresponsive controls to simply shoot where and how you want to."

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