NFL Head Coach Producer Video

EA Sports today released a producer video for NFL Head Coach. It is in depth and gives a great overview of the game.

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Fun vs Reality: How Real Do You Want Your Gaming?

The trend in gaming as of late has been a push towards "reality". Games like COD, Battlefield, and SOCOM all boast military advisors on staff, with a focus on making the game experience as "realistic" as possible.

The obsession with reality doesn't end there, and its relation to a game's overall fun factor, got me thinking - just how real do we want things, and at what point does reality cause a game to no longer be fun?

Twizlex5831d ago

I like fantasy more than reality.

Twizlex5831d ago

Disagrees? So I don't like fantasy more than reality? That's funny...

Haven't you ever imagined someone else while you were having sex or fantasized about being super rich? Anyone?

PoSTedUP5831d ago

REALISTIC! but fun at the same time....

i love my playstation....

where the nex gen DAVE MIRRA GAME AT?!?!?!?

Nostradavis5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

I have no idea what you just said...

PoSTedUP5831d ago (Edited 5831d ago )

hoked on fonix whill due ue sum gould (just kidding) ; )

dro5831d ago

well i blive we can have both,cod4 has alerday proven that. its real with the bullet penertation and the guns are almost as accurate as there real life guns but the game is still fun.

SmokingMonkey5831d ago

when playing COD4, make sure to bring a never how REALISTIC it can get.

wanna get high?

Sandwich Bender5831d ago

I would really love it if in the next GTA installment I could shoot some random citizens and then sit through my trial.

Nostradavis5831d ago

Yeah, and if you got shot would you be willing to have the game be over permanently?

LastDance5831d ago

sounds like you 2 have ideas!

poopsack5831d ago

(Death) GAME OVER! (Game locks forever)

Zerodin5831d ago

That was a fun touch! ...that sounded dirty!
I like a good mix. But it depends on the game.
If I am playing a WWII shooter, I want a lot of realism, but not to the point where it game ceases to be a game, and becomes a hard core simulation!

Nostradavis5831d ago

I agree with you. I just wish more devs took the time to make things more stylized and less "real". I had an art teacher in school that told me if I wanted something to look real I would take a picture, and I want to draw something I am going to take creative liberties to make it look different.

Twizlex5831d ago

WoW doesn't look real, and that's doing pretty well. The question is whether Age of Conan will ever really take off.

Nostradavis5831d ago

I think the part about wow was more about the jobs and things you have to do in the game to progress your character being too tedious and mimicking reality, not necessarily that the game looked real.