UDE Launches World of Warcraft Miniatures Deluxe Edition

Upper Deck Entertainment launched today the World of Warcraft Miniatures Deluxe Edition adding three figures of each faction for a total of six figures. As a bonus, each Deluxe Edition comes with a Drums of War Loot card.

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Maticus3601d ago

The mini game is going from strength to strength, are people ever going to stop playing the online game in favor of it though?

Leord3601d ago

Well, some might do both, but I don't think it will ever drag people away from WoW.

Leord3601d ago

Well, I heard that these minis will also feature TCG loot cards in them. They could potentially be quite popular, close to the TCG itself. I don't know much about the market size for miniature games, but for the cards itself, there is definitely a chance!

3597d ago