I Am Dead Review (PS5) - PSU

Is it a dead cert for Annapurna Interactive to wow its fans with the PlayStation 5 port of I Am Dead? Find out in PSU's review.

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I Am Dead (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Respect for I Am Dead's cozier atmosphere can only get it so far. It's nice coming into a game about death and seeing an earnest joe-schmo learn more about his cherished hometown before his final resting place. From presentation to storytelling, Hollow Ponds & Richard Hogg wanted to make a game that exuded warmth. The problem comes back to the puzzles surrounding that softer tone. Since the important ones are often stale and the secondary ones aren't compelling outside of achievements/trophies, I can only see the other positives being just enough for genre fans."

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I Am Dead (PS5) Review - Beautiful Journey Between Life and Death | COGconnected

COG writes: I Am Dead takes allows players to see beneath the surface of a vibrant island and its inhabitants through the lens of another resident who is recently deceased.

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I Am Dead Review | TheXboxHub

Dave writes: "I Am Dead may falter and become tiresome in places, but it has a huge heart. It’s impossible not to be affected by its stories. It’s the people of Shelmerston who stick with you, far longer than the dissecting and zooming, and there’s a heartening message at its core: when you pass, the world will be immeasurably changed."

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