Atari acquires Cryptic Studios

Atari has announced that it has acquired US-based MMO developer Cryptic Studios in a performance-linked deal.

The company, previously responsible for City of Heroes and City of Villains, which made over USD 100 million for NCsoft, is in production on three titles, to be released over the next three years.

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Blasphemy3692d ago

I wander how this will work out for Atari. Now they actually get a good developer under their belt. Can't believe NCSoft let them go.

BlackIceJoe3691d ago

Well it looks like Atari is on a roll to make a big come back. Cryptic
Studios has made some great MMOs in the past and there new ones look like they will be just as great. So this is a smart move on Atari's Part.

Harry1903691d ago

was already coming to the PS3 anyway.

LeonSKennedy4Life3691d ago

Phil Harrison is raising Atari to power! That man is a genius when it comes to business! First, he buys Ghostbusters...which we all knew was going to sell well. Then, he buys Cryptic...a very talented studio that can really get money back in Atari's pockets and keep the good name alive!

I support Phil Harrison fully. If anyone can save a studio, it's him.

Tyetan3691d ago

I think ATARI was only ever on top because they had no competition. I don't think this was the best outcome for Cryptic, ATARI's tarnished name can only hurt them.