5 Forgotten Gems Of The PS2

KeenGamer: "Almost four thousand games were released on the PlayStation 2. Some have gain revered positions in any list of the greatest games ever made, but most have faded into relative obscurity. Here are five forgotten gems of the PS2."

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SickSinceSix532d ago

Forgotten? Those are three of my favorite PS2 games right there in the thumbnail.
Cel-shaded Spider-man with playable Venom parts, Mexican Max Payne and a Rockstar classic that got me to watch the cult classic movie it was based on (also had kickass multiplayer modes, King of the Hill one was great).

Gun was basically Red dead Redemption for the PS2 (never played Red Dead Revolver) and had awesome dismemberment for its time. Scarface, never finished that one.

enkiduxiv532d ago

Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts 2, Shadow Hearts 3...