Death's Door | Windows Report Review: A must-play Xbox exclusive

Windows Report says: "Death's Door is an almost perfect action-adventure in which you play as a soul-reaping crow. You explore beautiful worlds, face swarms of enemies and giant bosses, and unlock new abilities along the way that open new hidden secrets."

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instantstupor69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

In general, I understand calling a game only on one console an "exclusive", even if it also ends up on Windows. But the fact a site called Windows Report calls a game that's on both Windows and Xbox an "Xbox Exclusive" seems...weird. You'd assume PC was their primary focus with that name, so it feels weird for them to exclude it. Just me?

bloodyspasm69d ago

To shed some light on this: in the article "console exclusive" is used a few times but in the title, we go with what people are more likely to land on through Search Engines.