Atari’s collapse cost us this exquisite-looking Laserdisc game

Director Richard Taylor recalls his work on a canceled Atari-funded project.

When the early-'80s home video game business began dwindling in the US, Atari looked to a Laserdisc arcade cabinet to boost its fortunes. That's according to Richard Taylor, who served as the film director for Atari Playland, an unreleased arcade cabinet from classic Atari's waning days.

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XiNatsuDragnel584d ago

I would be interested in a revival but hey I like games in general.

Einhander1971583d ago

This looked brilliant, just shows how cutting edge Atari were.

Godmars290583d ago

You know what might have helped?

Better quality control! ANY QUALITY CONTROL!! F**KING STANDARDS!!!!

TheEroica582d ago

Atari peaked with Combat!

MadLad582d ago

Atari was just a name used through acquisition, via a company already known for producing shovelware, to give a semblance of legitimacy ... as they produced more shovelware.