Videogamer: Rock Band 2 Review

Videogamer writes: "So, Rock Band 2 has finally made it over to good old Blighty, only six months after the first game landed on these shores. This presents a problem. Do I, A: Fork out the £40 to buy it, even though I've only had the first Rock Band for half a year, or B: Fork out the £40 to buy it, as well as splash the cash on one or more instruments released for the original Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour, because I don't have a band video game? The answers are as follows: A: Yes. And B: Yes. Let's start with A.

If you fall into the A category, you've already got Rock Band and probably an instrument or two. So you'll be interested in what new features Rock Band 2 brings to the stage. There's a four-player Online World Tour, daily Battle of the Band tournaments, a No Fail mode (thank you!) and a Drum Trainer that allows you to drum along to songs imported from your mp3 player. You can even export your created rocker to the internet and order custom Rock Band merchandise, like clothes and figures."

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