Sony cuts 'not expected' to hit PlayStation division

Sony's announcement Tuesday to slash 8,000 jobs worldwide and shut down some plants is "not expected" to hit the company's video game sector.

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WIIIS13692d ago

Get real. Of course PS3 will be affected. They're not going to cut the price of PS3 anytime soon for a start.

ultimolu3692d ago


Why do you want Sony to fail so much? Why? What did they ever do to you?

Read the article please.

Shane Kim3692d ago

It bothers him that the "mighty" xbox couldn't destroy the PS3. Or something like that.

creeping judas3692d ago

I guess there's two of the identical news stories out there. As I commented on the other, there will be no price cut in the PS3 near future. And that is no hate towards the PS brand. SONY is not about to hemorrhage more, especially if they just laid off 8,000 workers. PS3 at it's current price is selling well enough.

lokiroo4203692d ago

How about everyone stop thrwoing their two cents in on why sony is or isnt giving a price, were all clueless, only sony knows. A price cut could be given or taken for a million reasons, but lets set it straight, sonty computer entertainement is not struggling or hurting one bit, they are above their own projected sales and are where they want to be, just shut up about it already.

gw4k3692d ago

How about you re-read WIIIS1 comment. He didn't say anything about wanting Sony to fail. He didn't say anything bad about Sony and you all have disagreed with him 9 times already!

You all need to growup a bit. Business is business and Sony is hurting (losing money) in certain sectors. All companies are!

So does the gaming division of Sony get affected? Yes. Come on people, you all are smarter than this.

littletad3692d ago

Hmmm... Interesting questions there. Honestly I don't want Sony to fail or even their game division to be cut in anyway shape or form. The economy is in bad shape as it is, and were talking about jobs and real families here. But I'm not about to feel pity for a company that is as arrogant as they are. They made some mistakes and these are the consequences, and not only that but the competition has been stiff in all of their departments.

So you ask "why do you want Sony to fail"? (Even though the original commenter made no such remark). But the question can be reversed. Why do you like Sony so much, why do you want them to win so badly? I only respond with this because you so willingly hit disagree and didn't read the poster's comment properly.

ultimolu3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Calling me an idiot?

There is an economical crisis going on. People are losing their bloody jobs and all this guy can think about is the console war? How about looking at his comment a little more closely before you attack me with names?

What does the PS3 have to do with this? It's unknown whether it will hit the gaming division or not.

I won't even retaliate with an insult of my own because it wouldn't be right.

littletad: I don't want Sony to win. I want them to stay in the gaming industry because they are good competitors. Also, I would not excuse their arrogance because that's what put them in third place. You also forget that Microsoft and Nintendo are capable of arrogance as well.

kewlkat0073692d ago


Nobody is doing as good as you think they, are with this Economy. Of course, we really do not handle Sony Books but you have to believe everyone puts their best cheek forward at times like these.

I know you'll always think Sony is doing "so awesomeness" lol but Job Lost, is nothing positive for the employees effected, regardless of how well you want Sony to Win..

ultimolu3692d ago

I am aware of the fact that this is affecting everyone. Lol, I pounce on every negative Sony article? Who exactly did I pounce on, pray tell? Oh, because I said that to the guy up there? He's well known for bashing everything Sony/PS3 related.

I'm not stupid.

WIIIS13692d ago

Thank you those who did not read more into my comment than was said.

Ultimolu, I CANNOT BELIEVE you actually said what has PS3 to do with this...

Did Microsoft not lower their expectations for their gaming division's performance for 2009 in light of the economic situation? What did the PS3 fanboys say to that...? And now it is blasphemous to suggest the obvious that Sony's gaming division will similarly be affected? Some of you guys have absolutely no grip on economic reality.

ultimolu3692d ago

Are you incapable of NOT reading the title? What does the title say? 'Sony's cuts 'not expected' to hit Playstation division.' The PS3 is part of that division.

Read the article and then get back to me.

gw4k3692d ago

Listen man, I don't have time to explain simple economics to you. No one is bad mouthing Sony so you can go back to playing with yourself...on the PS3 that is.

These economic times are affecting everyone including Sony's game division. It is official that Sony is reviewing the game division looking for ways to save money and be more profitable.

Nintendo and Microsoft are all being affected. You are being affect and someone you know is. You need to get back in reality my friend.

I personally do not want anyone to fail. We need Sony and Microsoft (not counting Nintendo, not really a 'Game Machine' in my book) to keep each other in check. That is what pushes technology, that is what pushes games.

No one is talking about Sony closing down and the end of the Playstation.

littletad3692d ago

Who are these people agreeing with you and disagreeing with us? Is it just the fact there are more Sony fans on here?

I'm sorry, but you went and did a 180 on this person's comment and fabricated a little argument here. It's not even out of context. I don't know this WIIs1 nor have I seen his past comments, but that doesn't rebut the fact that nowhere did anyone say the ps3 will fail or should fail. You did.

And as far as economics goes (that isn't my field) it makes sense that of course all departments will be hit in some form or another regardless of what a spokesmen or pr management might say.

ultimolu3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

You know what?

"These economic times are affecting everyone including Sony's game division. It is official that Sony is reviewing the game division looking for ways to save money and be more profitable."

Did I imply that this is not affecting anyone? I'm very aware of that but I'm quoting the title for the guy up there. It could affect the gaming division. I understand that. I'm not laughing about it. It's not a laughing matter.

I don't want to see either company fail, whether it be Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. I may not like Microsoft's tactics but even they don't deserve to fail as a company.

"Nintendo and Microsoft are all being affected. You are being affect and someone you know is. You need to get back in reality my friend."

Exactly. Everyone is being affected and no one is safe from a recession. I can't even find a more stable job right now and I have no health insurance. Yes, it's affecting everyone.

And if you'll examine the Open Zone, you'll see 360 fans cheering for the demise of Sony...which is absolutely sad to begin with.

littletad: I didn't ask anyone to agree with me. I am giving my opinion of the situation right now.

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Citizen Cook3692d ago

The PS3rd will be the first to get cut!

Come one, its losing them money!

£50 PER sold console!

The Playstation devision is ripe for the flucking!

Bathyj3692d ago

50 Pounds!?!

Thats such a made up number you tool. Where'd you get that?

PirateThom3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

The PlayStation division has made Sony more money since it's inception than it's lost with the PS3 (which, don't forget also has the burden of Blu-ray on it as well as a new console).

Sony knew they were going to lose money on the PS3 for a long time, it had a Blu-ray player that would have cost over $1000 as a standalone as well as a gaming console, for $599.

I think people still forget the PS3 was Blu-ray's trojan horse. And it worked!

There's no way Sony are going to look at SCEI and say "they're losing money, let's chop them", when it was a Sony decision to make the PS3 lose money in the first place.

ultimolu3692d ago

...Shut the hell up.

You are a heartless bastard. You don't care about people losing their jobs. You care about the PS3 dropping out of the gaming industry.

I don't know why people like you exist.

Johnny Rotten3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I work in the mining business and our company let go a total of 500 people globally so far (with more to come after the holidays) and all this did was trim down the size enough to follow the sales.

Our company is a pretty big powerhouse and the chances of it going under are slim but when the production isn't there and the stocks are down that's when the layoffs start rolling in. First it's the people upstairs doing sales, then it's the machinists on the floor, less machinists means less people in the stockroom, which means less people in shipping, janitors, and supervisors, then it goes back upstairs to the girls that do the payroll.

It's a vicious circle and for a company like Sony the size is multiplied. Once the economy picks up hopefully these positions will be filled again, it's just a matter of when?

Hope it works out for the people that lost thier jobs, being laid off sucks.

creeping judas3692d ago

Were do you work? I live in Sudbury, Ontario, and we have the two biggest mining companies in town, Xtrata and Vale Inco. And I see the worry on every miners face when they come in and see me.

mercenaut3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Isnt the PS3 division bleeding the most money from Sony?

Lucreto3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I was but it turned a profit the last 2 quarters.

Here a link for the people who disagree

MaximusPrime3692d ago

when i heard that sony cutting job, my first thought was that PS3 is not going to be affected.

Sony has many different products. eg tv, walkman, mobile phones.
PS3 will be fine.

When Microsoft will (yes WILL, MS lost so much money) soon announce job cuts, xbox 360 is going to be a big problem. MS rely so much on xbox 360.

Every companies around the world are hit hard by so-called credit crunch.

gw4k3692d ago

The 360 is their gaming platform of course and it will take them as one of the leaders of the gaming era into the future with new consoles but if you think MS is banking for a big profit on the 360 you have something else coming.

kewlkat0073692d ago

What school of economics did you graduate from?

I thought "Patcher" was bad...

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