Edge: A Few of My Least Favorite Things

Edge writes: "Videogames. There's so much to love, and yet there's so much to ridicule. As a player, encountering one of the old chestnuts is deflating. As a designer, I stress that all this reliance on unimaginative solutions blocks our ability to evolve beyond them. Just to keep it fresh, I'm going to avoid talking about crates. Harshing on crates is too cliché."

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Farsendor13599d ago

i love quick time events but don't like the invisible walls

Tony999Montana3599d ago

The magazine, the website or edge in general? There's too many people hating edge who haven't even read the magazine.

Lombax3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"Health packs"

yeah, because regenerating health is much more realistic. Am I the only one left who actually prefers health packs to regenerating health?

"Vent gameplay"

I think I missed his point. Is he saying the option to fight or not is bad and that games need to be non stop frenzied button mashing from begining to end?

"Swaying idle animations"

Because having the on screen character stand there like a cardboard cut out is way more realistic.

"The handler"

How to answer this one? Go play a FPS? Ask a religious person how he/she deals with it?

"Fighting is the only way we can think to get the player involved"

Conflict = Fighting

The only way to give the player a reason to play is to have some sort of conflict going on in the plot. Until someone can figure out another way of solving a conflict without fighting, and make it fun, thats this is the only choice developers have. You could make a game about running around putting flowers in random windowsills, but it wont sell very well(if at all).

"Boss monsters that you can only hurt when they open their mouths: Actually, I kind of like that. What if they have armoured skin? It makes perfect sense."

So, why is this on the list?

"Invisible walls"

Damn! I have to agree with him here. Though most games, now days, have found ways around this problem.


There will always be a need for them. Even if they're lockers, treasure chests, or bubbles (like in LBP). You could just get stuff from the enemies that you kill. But, really, thats just a crate with legs and a gun.

"Quick-time events"

Aww... Another one I have to agree with.

"Animals have pockets filled with gold and equipment"

lol, Apparently this guy doesn't want anyone to get anything in any game ever.

"Data logs"

This is just a way to expand the story beyond the main cut sceens. You don't have to listen to them and most are hidden. It is a bonus feature. This is like complaining about the dvd you just bought having a commentary.

"The hero/loser"

OK? So you want a game where you don't level up, get new abilities, or improve in any way?

This guy makes video games? He's working with Steven Spielberg?

Boom Blox 2 confirmed.