Battlefield 2042 Tech Test Reportedly Runs Much Better on Xbox Series Than on PC

According to renowned leaker Tom Henderson, the ongoing Battlefield 2042 tech test reportedly runs much better on Xbox Series than on PC.

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Rimeskeem107d ago

Sounds like optimization issues. Wonder what the critical issue is.

thorstein106d ago

Speculation here: haptic feedback or 3D audio problems. BF always has audio problems so I wouldn't be surprised.

annoyedgamer107d ago

In other words, EA is developing it for consoles and not PC.

Sieg107d ago

Developing for both. PC sales will goes nicely with consoles for the maximum profit. It's EA here, they aren't your friend and would do anything for money.

Atticus_finch106d ago

That's really what it is and it's to be expected with how advance the new consoles are. Don't be surprised if PS5 runs just as well if not better.

Sieg107d ago

Technical test is for testing their backends. The build of the game is reported to be old and optimization will better for beta. Saying it's smooth at 30fps locked isn't up to anyone standard.

frostypants107d ago

Let people have their fanboy victories.

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poppatron107d ago

I played it on series x, it was unstable a f. And that resolution 😮. It did fundamentally work though. But reading this, the pc version must’ve been crazy to be true

--Onilink--107d ago

I ended playing only 1 match because of how bad it was. I understand that its a technical preview, but at some point you just need to at least have a playable build so the people testing will actually enjoy playing and decide to keep doing so.

The framerate was terrible (I cant even imagine how it was worse on PC), an absurd amount of visual glitches, terrible textures, everything looked incredibly oversaturated, redeploying took forever,. It was just really unsatisfying to play.

All things Im sure will be better, might even already be in the current build, but I just cant see how they thought using such an early build would be good enough

LordoftheCritics107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

''you just need to at least have a playable build so the people testing will actually enjoy playing and decide to keep doing so.''

Truth right here. This was such a pain of a test. When I switched the settings to ultra, something incredible happened. I felt like I was in a nightclub going through a black hole backwards.

I feel like I should be getting paid for this.

Good-Smurf107d ago

Leaked footage showed at times tech test build looks outdated like almost Bad Company level graphics.
Hopefully it will get huge improvements in the latest build.
Because that looked ugly as hell.

LordoftheCritics107d ago

Was playing on a laptop and now I have a mild headache.

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The story is too old to be commented.