Amazon Sega & Square Enix Game Sale For PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1 & Switch

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon is running a game sale on Sega and Square Enix games right now. That means if you like playing games made and published by them, you'll be able to save up to 75% off on several excellent games of theirs, including some of their best titles such as Trials of Mana, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Sakura Wars, and many more with huge discounts!"

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CyberSentinel1073d ago

The problem isn’t the title “season84”, it’s the solicitation itself. This isn’t news, it’s advertising.

CyberSentinel1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

If I submit an "article" on "Larry's mom and pop game shop sale" would that considered "News" as well, season84? FTLmaster?

Serious question. I want to know.
Can a moderator please respond.
Thank you.

CyberSentinel1073d ago

The fact that this "article" got approved is evidence to me, that the moderators, marketing, and whoever runs this thing, just don't care. If that's how you want to run your business, then so be it.

arkard1073d ago

Articles are approved by users. Flag it if you feel it goes against T&C and a mod will remove it if it violates

gold_drake1073d ago

im not sure why you care so much.
ongoing sales for any platform are advertised here aswell.
ignore it if you dont like it, its that simple

CyberSentinel1072d ago

Like I said, I was asking a serious question.
If DailyVideoGame.com can advertise for amazon and profit off of affiliated links, then why shouldn't others take advantage of this opportunity, right? After all, they are just "articles".


Persona 5 Royal Review - Gamerhub UK

Atlus wins over gamers yet again.

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Rutaprkl72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Persona 5 Royal is my top 10 game of all time. A true masterpiece.

Barlos71d ago

Same here. Not only is it one of my favourite RPGs, it's also one of my favourite ever games. I keep coming back to it time and time again.

Chard71d ago

What’s so good about it?

DustMan71d ago

Why not read one of the reviews and find out?

CrimsonWing6971d ago

4.8? This game is literally one of the best modern JRPGs. I’d give it the perfect score.


Persona: How A Spin-Off Game Series Can Ruin The Original

"Newer Persona games dive into the simulation of a high school student at the cost of RPG mechanics compared to Shin Megami Tensei." - Najam from eXputer.

DrDoomer93d ago

Persona (particularly 3,4 and 5) is the best thing to come out of Atlus, by far. The only way other games get ruined is by paling in comparison.

gold_drake93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

thats a hot take if ive ever seen one.

atlus aint just persona.

they have plenty of games that are fantastic that are not persona.

maybe in sales sure but not in quality.

DrDoomer93d ago

Not saying those games are bad. I'm saying Persona is just that good.

Tapani83d ago

I enjoy the SMT core series much more vs the Persona series. I like how it is much darker and more hardcore as an RPG. I've played all of them through and they never disappoint.

Stopac93d ago

That's a bad take.

SMT had a niche following. So did persona. They redid persona starting with three to reach an wider audience. Nothing happened with the original SMT and have stayed the way they were. If they were to revamp that main series you could get what happened with soul hackers lol. You want that?

Barlos92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

A spin off is a spin off. Why would they ruin the original? If you like the original then that's great, you can carry on enjoying it. If the spin off is crap it has no impact on the original at all.

I love Persona 5 and P5R but I have zero interest in Strikers or Tactica but even if I played them and didn't like them they wouldn't ruin the original games for me.

Same goes for if you like the SMT games but don't like Persona, why would that suddenly make SMT bad?


After Death Stranding, Here are 5 Games Apple Should Port to iPhone

Now that Death Stranding has landed on iOS, here are five other PS4-era blockbusters that we'd love to have to play on our iPhones at any time.

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