10 most overrated games of 2008 "Many of the following ten games are great. A few came close to being on my top ten list (to be posted tomorrow). I would call a couple of them works of genius. But I think they're the most overrated games of the year for the simple fact that I'm surprised at how well received they were. I wouldn't recommend any of these without a few important caveats."

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Danja3601d ago

Burnout Paradise

this dude is obviously just doing this for hits..cuz these were some of the best games this year

GTA4 deserves the top though

wAtdaFck3601d ago

This mofo is only looking for hits.

monkpunk13601d ago

Yup we all did it, ps3 and xbox fans and now pc gamers too. we waited, stared at screenshots and videos, flooded n4g with posts of how it was the biggest and best thing since to happen to gaming since daley thompsons decathlon (lol) we queued up late at night one poor sap was stabbed we then played it, marveled at its open world, blew up cars, had virtual head, then got bored switched it off and went back to cod. In my opinion it turned out to be a bit empty and lost... GTA4 was my biggest disappointment of 08 not just overhyped.

SCThor3601d ago

Glad there was a demo for burnout, the "drive all the way to the menu option you want" was a stupid thing IMO that make me forget about even rent it. I loved a lot burnout but that was a huge let down.

jammy_703601d ago

y do only the gamers think gta4 was overrated while the critics think its the best lol o well
MGS4 rules!

shovelbum3601d ago

Well pass the crack pipe. I can see on GTA4 being overrated but that is only my opinion and I know many people who love it so to each his own. There is no way in hell that the game deserved a 10/10.

Perkel3600d ago

yep absolutly ! 100% True. Sold my copy after 2 weeks.. 8+/10 nothing more..

SullyDrake3600d ago

"2) Little Big Planet
Awesome graphics! And those little sack people are so cute I could just eat them up! Now where's the game?"

He must have purchased one expensive trailer! There's not only a full game of excellent classic 2D Platforming, but once you complete it you can design your own levels and share them with the world!

I suppose "creativity" and "ingenuity" are too big of words for him!

stevenhiggster3600d ago

That list is crap, I slightly agree with GTA4 being on it, I say slightly because it is a great game no doubt about it but definately overhyped. As for burnout Paradise being on there, it's freakin awesome! I dunno if this guy has even played half the games on the list!?

Tony P3600d ago

Is there a second April Fool's Day I'm not aware of?

MiloGarret3600d ago

Please contributers, stop posting stories from this person, it's obvious he's only doing it for hits, not only that but he's clearly retarded as well. This has got to be the worst list I've ever seen, of anything.

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Kush_Reaper3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

This guy/girl is a reject. Most of the games mentioned shouldn't be on that list. I still believe gears 2 should be in there. Epic Games fed gamers misleading bullsh!t about how it is leaps and bounds over the first gears but that was utter lies. Gears 1 was better than gears 2 in my opinion.


Foxgod3601d ago

your full of it, Gears 2 owned Gears 1, it had vehicle combat, you could ride locust creatures, had awesome scenes where you where under insane assaults.

And it was definitely bigger.

Fishy Fingers3601d ago

Obviously I can't answer for you, but my friends are I would have been more than happy to lose the vehicle parts in Gears 2. They weren't half as enjoyable as the standard stop and pop gunplay you expect from Gears and almost felt like they only included them to fill out the campaign.

All in all, a much better game than the first, not much evolution, but plenty of refinement. Although, it's longevity is extremely short lived on me.

The Matrix3601d ago

They used the word "wank"? WTF they must be british there goes their credibility.

die_fiend3600d ago

lol nice bit of a racism there. So British people are inferior to Americans are they?

JeffGUNZ3600d ago

Till someone mentioned Gears 2. The game is not overrate in the lease. The game is AMAZING. The only thing that is negative is the multiplayer lag. Once they patch it, best game of the year. The game itself, is unreal.

Yipee Bog3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

why does this need to be about prejudice?
The list is utter crap, Fable 2 should be there. Why is mass effect there? That game is the reason why I bought a 360. MGS4 is awesome fun, and burnout paradise has been updated so much its like 2 games from launch until now.
This list has FAIL! written all over it.

BTW, gears 2 has been patched and still has some lag issues, matchmaking is better though

caffman3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

it came out in 2007!
oh and Matrix, bite my white British arse

Yipee Bog3600d ago

and from what I remember there was hardly any hype to begin with. Well GTA4 hype that is.
Bubble to the guy above me^^^

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pixelsword3601d ago

...The other games live up to the hype.

I think this dude doesn't game if he believes his list.

Close_Second3601d ago

GTAIV was a step forward in the visual dept. but a step back to GTAIII in the gameplay dept.

LBP - the game is f**king fun in the later levels. My kids absolutely love it so from my point of view it is a winner and not just full of hot air as the writer suggests.

Foxgod3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

step back in gameplay depth ?
Name one thing that you can do in GTA3 that you cant in GTA4, i only see additions.
Only perhaps a few small things are left out.

The only thing missing from previous games, is a bicycle.
The rest is all there.

Maybe people should stop expecting that Rockstar reinvents the wheel with every GTA.

Dark General3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I absolutely adore LBP. My personal goty (beating out MGS4). I just started dabbling in level creating tonight and wow is it deep. Seriously. It's like having a blank canvas and someone telling you to "draw". Once you get into it, it really starts to flow though. But trying to see what direction you want to take things is quite difficult at first.

It's a pretty damn good platformer as well.

Edit @foxgod: A whole lot is missing besides bikes. Planes, car customization, "turf" wars, races OTHER than driving a car, learning different fighting styles, a slew of weapons such as the katana is missing. Number of secrete area's has been brought down as well. And this is just off the top of my head.

Kouzmich3601d ago

The article writer is a complete [email protected]$$.

Sangria3601d ago

Obviously a despaired little boy that want some clicks with a big headline and nothing interesting to say.