GI.Biz Interview: Sony's Michael Denny - Part 1

It could be argued that 2008 has been a disruptive year for Sony's internal studios, with the departure of two high-profile executives, Phil Harrison and Paulina Bozek, and the public cancellation of games at the company's London studio.

But the group has kept on track with its intended goals for 2008, of moving two of its biggest franchises, SingStar and Buzz online, and launching one of its most ambitious projects to date – LittleBigPlanet.

Here, in the first part of an exclusive interview with, Michael Denny, senior vice president of Worldwide Studio Europe, discusses the achievements of the year, why Sony is at the forefront of user-generated content on consoles, the future of Sony London and expectations for the externally produced project, Heavy Rain.

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Karum3692d ago

Very interesting read, actually looking forward to reading part 2.