Hades Creative Director Says Returnal Is ‘One of His Favorite Games’ This Year

According to Hades Creative Director Greg Kasavin, he's quite infatuated with Housemarque's recent PlayStation 5 game, Returnal, calling it "one of his favorite games" of the year so far.

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Magog74d ago

McDuffie they can learn a thing or two from it for their next game

Zhipp73d ago

Like what? I've played Hades, but not Returnal.

Magog73d ago

McDuffie? Swipe fail I guess. Meant to say hopefully.

mkis00774d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I wish returnal had a more of the progression per run from hades. Hades was more of a button masher for me but i was at least able to get to the "last bosses" 2nd life once so far. I felt that i was always making progess in hades. Returnal needs some sort of stat or buff per run to be perfect.

Enjoyed both for different reasons so far.

Nakiro73d ago

Perhaps if some people could stop arguing which is better, they will find out that they are allowed to enjoy both.

buffig73d ago

This x100. Returnal has been my favourite game on PS5 so far. But I'm absolutely loving Hades. Why does there have to be a loser?


Returnal gives me metroid vibes and I love it so far. The Bosses are crazy intense. The runs are long if you want to really build up your character but it's super fun. Just need a temp save so you can close the game and return later.

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