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The PlayStation Brahs:

"We all want to 'take that shot' but do the developers at Rebellion, Just Add Water, and Coatsink bring the Sniper Elite franchise and improve it by immersing us in VR? Yes…yes they do. Let’s find out more with Sniper Elite VR for the PlayStation VR."

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Ratchet7570d ago

Love it.
The best use of the aim controller so far

1nsomniac70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Off topic but does anyone know how long it takes Sony to send out the PSVR PS5 adapter. Registered for it about 3 weeks ago with my serial number and have since sold my PS4 haven’t even received an acknowledgment from Sony that they received my request which is just poor customer service on Sony’s part. Do they even acknowledge the requests? How longs it usually take to ship?

Want to see how it performs on PS5.

Ratchet7570d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Did you contacted them?
Mine took less than a week to arrive.

1nsomniac70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I contacted them when I made the request. I haven’t contacted them since, I shouldn’t need to. I’ve heard it can take them a while to sort it. I guess that’s what I’m asking, how longs a while?

I’ve never heard of anyone who received it within a week other than yourself. The impression I got from what I’ve read was that it was shipped out from somewhere in Europe.

1nsomniac70d ago

How do you contact them, their official support email address listed by google ([email protected]) has been shut down/moved elsewhere.