MTV Multiplayer: And of all people, it was Peter Molyneux who pulled it together…

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Really, of all the developers to deliver on their hype in 2008, who would have expected it to be virtual-acorn-grower himself?

He promised a smart dog. He promised emotional attachment. He promised to fix the problems of the first "Fable." He promised one-button combat (really, three-button combat) that wouldn't insult the sensibilities of serious gamers."

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Monchichi0253602d ago

I can't stress how much I freakin LOVE this game!! I bought it but kinda put it aside to play Gears 2. But then I tore my MCL in my knee playing football si I had plenty to play other games.

Now, I haven't even touched Gears of War since I'm SOOO addicted to Fable 2. I've already put well over 50 hours into this game and am still addicted to it. I'm dreading the moment that it ends. Truly INCREDIBLE GAME!!!!

edhe3602d ago

But then there will be DLC soon.

and you can always try it differently.

Great game.

Leathersoup3602d ago

I have to agree... the team at Lionhead really did a nice job. One of the few games I can actually play through that game multiple times.

Stryfeno23602d ago

Fable 2 is an awesome game.

PotNoodle3602d ago

Any word on that patch coming up for it?

Baka-akaB3602d ago

I'm happy that fable 2 delivers , though i dont feel like praising the man that much because this time around he was honest ... i mean it should just always be that way .

But kudos indeed for a good game

PotNoodle3602d ago

But i still think he did overhype it a bit much, didn't take away from the experience though, such a great game.

What i mean though is, like he always banged on about every little thing you do will change your whole world when infact, it really didn't, it changed, but only if you did whatever you are doing to an extreme but even then you could correct it pretty easily.

For example, i killed a whole village and there was this one girl left who was angry at me for killing her family but all i had to do was give her some chocolate and dance around infront of her a bit and she forgave me and continued to ask me to marry her.

felidae3602d ago

Fable 2 is just amazing. best ending in a videogame ever

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